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‘I love its vulnerability, it’s impossibly human position. I love how it reaches out, willingly or not, sucks the breath out of your lungs and pulls you in…’


By N.A.Martin


I adore faces

All of them

They carry on their surface, the angles, shapes and colours that collectively unify to create an outward appearance

Their story

Their unique, impossibly raw and beautiful story

Faces cannot lie

Can you see who they truly are when they meet your eyes?

Can you see their powerful individualism that is their reality?

I love a happy face

One that has warmth and sunshine pinned to its smile. One that smothers you with its bright yellow rays and wraps itself around your every breathing cell

Every happy face, is a beautiful face

I love a sad face

I love its vulnerability, it’s impossibly human position. I love how it reaches out, willingly or not, sucks the breath out of your lungs and pulls you in

Every sad face, is a beautiful face

Perhaps one of our failings as a human race is our perception of beauty

Our perception that character, and the insuppressible beauty of uniqueness is imperfection

I find, that overwhelmingly, the most alluring quality in a face is its powerful mystique

It’s honesty, it’s invisible reflection of the soul, it’s unquantifiable energy, it’s stunning uniqueness, it’s story

To me, the character in a face is the epitome of human perfection

Beauty beyond definition, for it cannot be measured

Faces blooming with emotion, life and character have endless depth and come with infinite interpretations and possibilities, unlike the finite form of perceived physical beauty

In the words of Amy Bloom-

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed.

And you are beautiful.”


About N.A.Martin

The Face I will Never Forget


I am John

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I write because…

8934504033_262c1e1960_oFeature Image by Samuel Sharpe

My apologies Writing 101 participants, for the tardy response!

In response to Day 1’s task:

I write because..

I am a listener. In the presence of company, I prefer to observe and question. Writing however, is my opportunity for self expression.

For me, it’s a compulsion.

I find it cathartic.

My writing is the stained glass bottle in Bangladesh green, washing up on the shore after years drifting aimlessly at sea, the message inside harbouring the secrets of my soul, patiently waiting to be revealed.

Like my dreams, it allows for clarity of my inner thoughts.

It’s an act of self validation.

I hope to  provide hope and inspiration to those experiencing periods of grace or adversity through connection.


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About this site




It’s me.

Who are you?

Is this the first time you have been here?

Hmm, well I’m chuffed you popped in for a visit.

My name’s Nicole by the way.

I write.

-and I’m a human-Just in case you were wondering if this was a picture of me at the top of the page.

I just love this cute little buddy chilling his mind with a spot of meditation.

I hope you’re human, otherwise I’m speaking with a keyboard.

Let’s have some fun.

Let’s Laugh until our bellies hurt, smile until our cheeks pop, and cry with every inch of our souls.


Guess what?

Do you want to know something?

Your words will set you free.

 Your writing will give you wings.



Can you feel the gentle breeze in your hair?

Can you feel yourself soaring through infinite skies?

Trust yourself.

Take risks and learn.

Be passionate.

Be sincere.

Fail and Learn

Fail and Learn

Fail and Learn

and then-

Fail and Succeed.

There are no rules on my site.

There is no judgement.

There is really only you,

and me,

right now.

So let yourself relax, and show me, through your words

who you really are.

Please leave me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

Just quickly,

I have a few secret rooms hidden within this site


You have managed to find the key to the first one





Sneak a peak here

A tip-

All highlighted words or phrases are links.

Click on them, and you will be led to another room of words 

Find a key like this one


and it will unlock 

a secret room

only found in that one unique place. 







 This was me yesterday, when I imprudently tackled a million steps in the middle of a Far North Queensland Summer.

The face I will never forget

I am John


 To my Boy