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The Awe Inspiring Michael Phelps

‘It’s what you do in the dark… that puts you in the light’

~Aqua Seven



Nicole Martin

This video is by far one of the most awe inspiring clips I have seen for a long while.


Just look at the pain in his face-I can almost feel it.

Look at the dedication, the determination, the grace, the talent, the persistence, the extraordinary athletic ability, the grit.

Michael Phelps-the previously retired World Champion from the USA is currently fighting for a success filled come-back.

Arguably the best all-round swimmer in history, he has inspired and impressed millions around the world with his achievements and his rare talent.

Will he leave behind a legacy?


His journey is far from over, however his legacy is solidified in the hearts and minds of many young athletes who dare to dream big.

He will continue to inspire for many years, irrespective of the outcome of his current desire to return to greatness.

‘It’s what you do in the dark… that puts you in the light’

~Aqua Seven

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Spectacular Sunday


If I were on a one way ticket to Mars, what would I miss the most about our blue planet?

I believe the answer for me, would be-


‘Everything’ is self explanatory, so for the purposes of refining this list, I will select one very important environmental location that I would struggle to live without-

Blue Sky’s, Blue Water and Warm Yellow Sand

-The Beach


 My Soul food

A place where freedom can be found in a small sniff of ocean air,

and peace welcomes me in every wave break.

Days like today…

‘I’m perched on the couch with my feet up.

It’s midday on Sunday afternoon.

I have a cup of tea in my hand, and I’m savouring every single mouthful.

My next move?

I wonder. A nap? Another cup of tea?

My head feels a little heavy from the exertion this morning.

3.8km swim
56km cycle
5km run

Although I miscalculated a tad in the first leg of the swim…and we ran less than 5 km as a result of our human skin transforming into that of a lovely crisp roast turkey in the Cairns heat.

A little sustenance to follow-Eggs Benedict with Salmon, spinach and avocado, Cappucinno X 2 –

Some post card paradise for desert to tantalise the senses in the stunning Palm Cove

and some brilliant company to share it all with.

What a special morning


Next move = Nap with my grumpy dog :)’

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Longing for Gravity

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Blogger SLAMMED for nasty comment in spectacular fashion.


Nicole Martin

Have you ever had a less than favourable comment in response to your writing?

Personally, my writing hangs from a set of strings that attach directly to my heart, whether I like it or not. Yes, I know it shouldn’t matter what others say, yes I know I should write for myself and not to please others-these suggestions are true, but sometimes as a sensitive person-a trait most writers are either blessed or cursed with-it is very easy to forget this idealistic advice, and become devoid of all reason and rational thought when clouded with the disappointment and frustration of a negative comment.

Constructive criticism is wonderful, and serves as a valuable learning tool, but judgmental, nasty comments can wound someone having a vulnerable moment. Especially when the commentEr, really has limited understanding of the writers true intention.

A writer I admire Chris Nicholas, author of the highly successful blog The Renegade Press, wrote a screamer of a response to a nasty comment made on his blog recently. It is extremely well expressed and whether you agree or disagree with his sentiment, it’s a post all sensitive writers would benefit from reading. Please find the link below.

Glass Houses

One particular comment on this electric post, caught my attention. Bravo Canada Slim.

This gives the person who wrote the nasty comment no attention whatsoever, and serves as a wonderful reminder, to remember why it is that one is writing in the first place.

I have created this post drawing on the wisdom of Chris and Canada Slim, so that I may refer back, when I need to hear these words.

Canada Slim

‘Abraham Lincoln once wrote-

“you can please all of the people some of the time, you can please some of the people all of the time, but you will never please all of the people all of the time.”

No matter how hard you may try there will always be those who are determined not to like you. Forget about them and instead write the truth as you see it, even if it is a truth only you can see.

Write because NOT writing feels like a life unfulfilled.

Write because it isn’t there and you give it life.

It makes not a shred of difference whether you have ten followers or ten thousand.

Just write for you. And you will find that if your writing is true to who you are, then it will touch the lives of others.

Never underestimate the power of one.’

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 Drawing a Blank

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RED-An exerpt


To anyone who has been the subject of bullying, has felt like they’re different, or has felt completely alone, I wrote this for you…EVERYBODY has value

with love


An exerpt taken from the story RED



Nicole Martin


‘…He felt the warmth of her on his shoulder. Her hand was resting there.

“Would you like a Strawberry? I have many, look…”

He kept his head down, but she lent over and smiled.

“They are the best strawberries in the world- I promise”

He tilted his head ever so slightly, and gazed at her kind expression. His face turned sour as he dispelled the contents of his mouth. Blood, tears, dirt, despair.

She was a little older than him. Sixteen maybe.

He took a strawberry and examined it carefully before devouring it’s sweetness.

‘Thank you”-He whispered, as he proceeded to stare at the bloodied pool he’d created at the foot of his boots.

“You know…” She said quietly;

“Only the strongest soldiers are given the toughest jobs”

She handed him a tissue and he took it to his mouth in deathly silence.

“Look at your blood.”

“Pardon?” he questioned.

“Your blood…It’s RED”

This time, he lifted his head and looked her in the eyes—–Oh God, she was not from this earth. Just another person to love and lose, he thought.

She took the tissue and dabbed his lip gently.

“When life gives you lemons, always remember…your blood is RED”

He nodded, and held his gaze, giving her his full attention.

“…and as long as your blood is red, it means there’s oxygen it it…

and as long as there’s oxygen in it, it means you are breathing…

and as long as you are breathing, it means you are alive…

and as long as you’re alive, you must fight.

You must fight, for your right to live.

When you are dead, your blood is blue…

but YOUR blood is RED, just like these Strawberries.

Ok?” ‘


For the full story CLICK HERE

Photo credit: JLM Photography. via / CC BY-NC-ND

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Opportunity or Obligation?



‘If your effort is low, you’re probably not thinking about the opportunity-

You’re thinking about the obligation’

-Jaret Grossman, Eric Thomas

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To My Boy


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‘The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.’

– Michelangelo



Nicole Martin
Aim high.
Believe in yourself.
Be willing for people to be indifferent.
Be willing for people to dislike you.
Be willing for people to adore you.
Be numb to their choice.
Put in 100%.
Maintain your authenticity.
Be real.
Speak your truth.
Nurture simplicity.
Have confidence.
Ask yourself how badly you want it, and then take the necessary steps to move forward.
Don’t forget why you do this.
Be passionate.
Don’t write it-Live it.
Feel-Feel-Feel-Feel, and then put down your pen. Don’t write, but feel.
Be compassionate.
Be encouraging.
Be supportive.
Pay it forward.
Be personal.
Commit to making a difference.
Be a leader.
Be genuine.
Be trustworthy.
Be warm.
Be kind.
Take command of your Domain.
Be definitive.
Have resolve.
Write what you live.
Respect the intelligence of your reader.
Write-then omit half your words.
Maintain clarity or you’ll lose them in your words and not your story.
Read, learn, challenge your brain cells.
-and most importantly
Always, always, always…no matter what happens-
Have the ability to laugh at yourself.
Life is not really that serious-in all honesty.
It’s simply a means to a similar end.
You ARE your attitude.
So write.
-No, don’t write
 Photo credit: lyman erskine via / CC BY