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The Magic Of Imagery


More Than A Photograph

Attempting  to capture the beauty of Nature holistically, with the  click of a finger seems an impossible task.


The result is simply an image that impresses upon the viewer the superficial form of the subject, is it not?

From this, the viewer draws upon their own personal tastes and formulates an impression if you will- which will almost always innacurately depict the character of the subject. 

Beauty is multi-faceted, photography is linear-true?

Nobody can claim to truly understand the duck in the photograph and nobody can claim to truly know the ducks character. 

It has pretty feathers. It has a beautiful bill, it floats on the water with spectacular ease, but that is all we can determine from the image, is it not? 

I hope not, because the second this is believed, story telling is dead.

We must make room for magic. We must make room for dreaming. We must make room for hope and inspiration and belief and admiration and creativity.

We must make room for emotion.

The point of the photo, and the magic of the image, is in it’s broader interpretation. It will be, whatever you want it to be. It will represent, whatever your unique interpretation decides. It simply serves as a key with which to unlock emotion, a flame to ignite passion, and an alarm clock with which to awaken inspiration. 

Long live the multi-faceted, emotion filled potential of the photographic image. 


Colour is everywhere
Pink and Yellow in a bloom
Delicate Faces
Perfect Red
Home in the forest
Purple Smiles
Decorative Grasses splashed with Colour
Heaven is at the top
Luscious Fields
Winding Journey inside the hills
Is this the end? Or the beginning?
A model fence with a grass blanket
The rains are coming
A lilac sky



Fairies with blue wings stand still


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You will survive, it’s your destiny

WordPress Photo Challenge


Jetty, Cairns Australia


It was born disadvantaged, but it entwined itself through cracks and crevices, a tortuous path indeed.

Through ever uncertain territory, it continued it’s journey to reach for the sun, despite the odds against it.

Now, blessed with Nature’s wisdom, it flourishes like never before, as it discovers how disadvantage is never the end.

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Attempted murder, a toaster and six ugly legs

Inspired by the WordPress Prompt

Locked or in this case STUCK!


Attempted Murder, A Toaster, and Six Ugly Legs



I awoke this morning in my usual fashion-barely able to balance on my feet-stagger, stagger-rubbing my eyes to achieve some kind of focus, grumpy that I was required to exit my bed at all and with a solid plan to avoid anything that resembled a human in case they attacked me with jobs and just stuff, during grump hour.

The kettle was there, waiting for me-same place as yesterday…and the day before…to assist me in dragging myself out of slumber, and into the day ahead. As I approached it, I was given an almighty jab of adrenaline when sitting casually in front of me, spread out completely relaxed on his banana lounge it would seem, was a King cockroach.

Now when I say King Cockroach, I mean King Cockroach. The half bug half cow variety, have you seen those? The feral thing was playing around with its feelers and sussing out my Kitchen bench.

As I knew the littlest kid was up, I proceeded to yell.


The response, no more than a grunt, was not promising. I didn’t muck around and ran into the lounge room.

“Xav, please come and kill this cockroach”

He looked at me as if it was way too much to ask of him, but decided to assist all the same.

“Oh, that’s disgusting” he said

“You’re telling me. Get him”

I’m not sure what he did next, but it resembled a stiff piece of plank, edging it’s way, less than a millimetre closer and launching a hand towel at it.

“What are you doing? It’ll run away, you’ve got to squash it.

He stood frozen for a second, staring at the creature, and was absolutely no help to me whatsoever.

As I was about to grab the other child, Xavier screamed…

“He’s run into the toaster”


“Oh good God” I blasphemed.

“I have no time, and now the thing has made home in the toaster…I need to cook my toast”

Xavier’s response?

“Well I can’t get him now, he’s in the toaster” -and just like that he wondered off, unfussed.

I immediately skipped plan B- grab the second kid-and implemented Plan C-out came the big guns.


Now Michael was out walking the dog, wasn’t he. Typical, although, strangely he replied.


He was outside.

I bolted out the door.

“There’s a cockroach in the toaster, and I’m hungry. Please can you get it out?”

“Are you sure?” He questioned

“Yes, We saw him run in there”

Twenty minutes later, after thoroughly inspecting the item, bashing it on the grass outside, pulling it apart, and staring at it for ages, Michael looked at me.

“It’s not in there”

“It is”

“It’s not”

“It is”

…and then we heard it. It was wriggling around inside.

“Told you” I said.

Michael thought for a bit.

“Let’s cook it”

“Noooooooo! Oh that’s gross. I’ll never eat toast out of it again. That’s disgusting” I could literally feel my stomach churn at the thought of toasted cockroach.

He pushed down the lever and the toaster began to glow.

I couldn’t stand it, so I left the room, but the burning smell was evident.

“Oh geez Michael are you serious?”


“Did you get him out?”

“Yep. Got him”

I could sense something. I don’t know what, but something in his voice smelled of lies.

I closed one eye, lent toward him…and whispered

“I want evidence”


“No really. I took the toaster outside….and ”

“Eeeew, was he cooked?”

“Nope, he was quite chuffed. He crawled out and ran away. Then I stomped on him on the road”

I didn’t believe him for a second. Not for one second. I could smell a rat. Excuse the pun…

“Where’s his body? Prove it” I said

I followed him to the road…



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Blogger SLAMMED for nasty comment in spectacular fashion.


Nicole Martin

Have you ever had a less than favourable comment in response to your writing?

Personally, my writing hangs from a set of strings that attach directly to my heart, whether I like it or not. Yes, I know it shouldn’t matter what others say, yes I know I should write for myself and not to please others-these suggestions are true, but sometimes as a sensitive person-a trait most writers are either blessed or cursed with-it is very easy to forget this idealistic advice, and become devoid of all reason and rational thought when clouded with the disappointment and frustration of a negative comment.

Constructive criticism is wonderful, and serves as a valuable learning tool, but judgmental, nasty comments can wound someone having a vulnerable moment. Especially when the commentEr, really has limited understanding of the writers true intention.

A writer I admire Chris Nicholas, author of the highly successful blog The Renegade Press, wrote a screamer of a response to a nasty comment made on his blog recently. It is extremely well expressed and whether you agree or disagree with his sentiment, it’s a post all sensitive writers would benefit from reading. Please find the link below.

Glass Houses

One particular comment on this electric post, caught my attention. Bravo Canada Slim.

This gives the person who wrote the nasty comment no attention whatsoever, and serves as a wonderful reminder, to remember why it is that one is writing in the first place.

I have created this post drawing on the wisdom of Chris and Canada Slim, so that I may refer back, when I need to hear these words.

Canada Slim

‘Abraham Lincoln once wrote-

“you can please all of the people some of the time, you can please some of the people all of the time, but you will never please all of the people all of the time.”

No matter how hard you may try there will always be those who are determined not to like you. Forget about them and instead write the truth as you see it, even if it is a truth only you can see.

Write because NOT writing feels like a life unfulfilled.

Write because it isn’t there and you give it life.

It makes not a shred of difference whether you have ten followers or ten thousand.

Just write for you. And you will find that if your writing is true to who you are, then it will touch the lives of others.

Never underestimate the power of one.’

Inspired by WordPress Daily-Daily Promtpt

 Drawing a Blank

Are your quirky habits a problem?

dancing (gif)

Are your quirky habits a problem?



Give me MORE of your Quirky habits, for they are YOUR unique traits that only you possess. They’re your involuntary human signature.

I would never want you to be the same as everybody else. There is only ONE of you, and you’re perfect just as you are.

I often hear-

“He has a habit of doing this….he has a habit of doing that”

Unless it’s interfering with his life in some major way, does it really matter?

Personally, I love quirky habits-

Do you twirl your hair when nerves succumb you?

-How cute

Are you blessed with an outrageous laugh?

-How I love hearing someone laugh

Or do you sing in the shower purely to irritate your other house mates?

-It always puts a smile on my face when my son does this.

I’ve been trying to pinpoint my own habits, however somehow, I have less awareness of these, than of the antics of others.

I have been told I walk a little knock kneed or pigeon toed-is this a habit, or just a bio-mechanical issue?

What then, is a habit exactly?

According to the APP,  a habit is the following-

‘An acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary’

So I guess pigeon toed ‘itis’ is not a habit then, as it has not been acquired over time-rather, I was born with it.

However this does not explain the quirky little habits families have as a whole. Sometimes, a few members of a family all have the same habit. If it runs in the family, this would suggest it hasn’t been acquired either!

An example? They all hold their head on a slight angle when they talk, or they all talk over the top of each other with enormous excitement, or they all have tendencies to adopt unhealthy social habits.

Are these habits acquired?-Maybe, maybe not.

All the same, it’s absolutely fascinating, don’t you think? Analysing the antics that make each individual unique?

Some habits go largely unnoticed, and others fully define a person.

So unless your habits are harmful in some way, keep yours alive and well and own that quirkiness with confidence and pride!

Get into the habit of owning your habits!!

Inspired by the Daily Prompt Quirk of Habit

GIF’s inspired by

The amazing Thumbup

On Writing

My Tree of Yesterday

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