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You see it this way, I see it that way.


By day, this tree is just a tree.

When night fills the sky though, it’s arms stretch out like a tree doing Pilates in the grandest of fashions and they reach into the blue for as far and as long as they can possibly go.

Passers by turn their heads and stare, as if waiting for the show to begin. Their eyes widen and remain fixed on this Graceful living, breathing botanical beauty that is art.

This tree is as much a part of this scene as a cold hand seeking the warmth of a perfect fitting glove.

Harmonious, peaceful, proud and content in its skin-it’s a perfect fit.

Yet in the daylight, it goes unnoticed. It blends, preferring to remain anonymous.

I asked a man the other day what he thought of ‘the tree’.

And he said this:

“Which tree? Oh, yes. You mean the one with a body full of the largest green leaves I’ve ever seen. The one with all it’s branches, hidden behind it’s leafy coat. I know the one. I love the way the sunlight brings it alive. It’s rays reflecting off its leafy surfaces like a heavenly glow. I’ve never much noticed it a night though. At night, it is simply a tree to me”

Same tree. Different eyes.


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This photo was taken in a small park in the centre of Cairns, Australia. Recently redeveloped, it now houses a spectacular outdoor amphitheatre, home to many concerts and theatrical productions.

Whenever I lay eyes on this space, I am instantly drawn to the lighting. This wonderland of spooky trees and fairy lights has me searching for witches on broomsticks, knights on horses and swarms of little people running around raking leaves manicuring its landscape.




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Behana Gorge-Tropical North Queensland

I compiled this slideshow from my recent trip to Behana Gorge outside of Gordonvale. My strongest recollection is of the temperature of the water, something out of character for the waters to be this cold, this far north. It took me almost 20 minutes to get in, but when I did, it was invigorating. Why I do not do things like this more often, I don’t know.




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The Challenge of Storytelling

Do artists-musicians, writers, painters, designers, intend simply to portray an accurate version of their own personal interpretation?
Or do they create to inspire? To evoke a whole rainbow of new visions and emotions.
It is difficult to portray the feeling of a place through a photograph.  I have attempted here to capture a small dimension of the wondrous natural beauty of the Australian bushland surrounding Lake Tinaroo, and the luscious farmland set within a bed of fertile soil, abound by rolling hills.
A two dimensional image however, fails in many ways to do a scene justice,  for it relies on only one of our senses-sight.
The scent of the rich earth after the rainfall we had overnight, made me want to taste the ground and when I wound down the window of my car, the cool breeze felt instantly vibrant, something my habitual utilisation of air conditioning disguises. How nice to smell the country air, and to feel the breeze on my skin.
The sounds, everywhere and nowhere, were what really relaxed me. A combination of deathly silence, and then the beautiful musicality in the trees above. Birds sang and flipped and flapped around doing their thing, completely oblivious to the fact Donald Trump is all over the news-what a pleasure-I soaked up all that surrounded me, like it was medicine…yet a photograph does not tell this story, now does it?
It simply gives you a starting point. It’s akin to the front cover of a novel. It leaves you with an impression, which either triggers interest or indifference-the potential to lose the true meaning-originating in the mind of the photographer is high
as it’s quickly lost in the viewers individual interpretation.
But does it really matter?
Do artists-musicians, writers, painters, designers, intend simply to portray an accurate version of their own personal interpretation?
Or do they create to inspire? To evoke a whole rainbow of new visions and emotions.
When I took these shots on the banks of Tinaroo, it was about 6:00 pm. There was a cold breeze, yet I chose to wear a flimsy shirt and allow myself to feel the wind run through me.
It was darkening quickly. There were clouds threatening to drop rain, settling above the Lake. The usual music of the bird life was playing in the background, but my focus was on the howling wind, and the associated loneliness that came with that. There was not a sole around. Just me, and the rippling waves of what water was left in the parched Lake.
I hope you enjoy the photos I have prepared, if only the cover page of a story untold, yet a story that lives in the mind of a solitary soul.

For Photos Click Here

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As the mountain darkens with the dimming light of day the skeletons of the past emerge from behind the trees that cover it’s surface as black as night it hides yet it’s eyes are wide op…

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This was my morning yesterday.

It was not my usual introduction to the day-coffee, toast, shower, work.

Bravo, something different from the daily routine-a little rock climbing, a lot of mosquito swatting, an accumulation of sweat on my brow, and an elevated heart rate as a result of balancing my camera equipment, my car keys and my phone whilst positioned literally a millimetre from the edge of this stream.

All in order to

Get the shot”

The images captured this morning are by no means new to the world, or a unique activity to anyone else’s morning, but in my own words…


There is nothing in this world that hasn’t already been done, or photographed, or thought of, yet there are many, many, brilliant new perspectives. A myriad of unique pairs of eyes and differently configured neurons, that ensure we are stunningly different from every other soul on this earth.

And that is the secret to an increasingly colouful world, with light and shade and fascination and sustained interest in outdated tricks-


New perspectives,

New eyes…


More photos from this morning’s shoot here