When Time Stands Still


It is in those rare moments when ‘Time Stands Still’ that the quality of the lens through which we view life is enhanced, and the images we see appear more brilliant than ever imagined.

It is not that we do not see,

 but simply, we rarely stand still long enough to truly appreciate the miracles before us.


© Nicole Martin, 2016 All Rights Reserved

All images by Nicole Martin.

When stillness finds us

When Stillness finds us



there are moments in life

when the dust that clouds our appreciation for our blessings

finally settles

and stillness and contentment

  are all that remain.

~Nicole Martin

Photography by

Nicole Martin

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Don’t read these words-Feel them


‘I do my thing

and you do your thing

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations

and you are not in this world to live up to mine

You are you

and I am I

and if by chance we find each other

it’s beautiful’

~Fritz Pearls

Image by Tyler Shields

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Bring out your inner devil





I have a fettish for the ridiculous, and love a character that carries within them, a touch of devil.

The quick witted smiley type who with ease, endear many, and charm their way out of absolutely everything.

These people are essential to my survival. They breathe life into my colourless day, and paint a semi-permanent smile on my dial by simply being themselves at their naughty natural best.

Occasionally I need to be reminded to let go of the intensity, and laugh at myself-however there are moments when a cheeky little person emerges from the depths of me unannounced, and takes life by the horns challenging it’s serious side.

Thank goodness, or I’d probably drown in my own complex algebraic equation of thought.

Life should never be normal-it should always don a touch of ‘bent’ to keep things interesting.

Let the devil out-I always say.

Night Night cup cakes, my eyes are collapsing into unconsciousness.

May your day be suitably ridiculous-the only way to live!











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Your arms

 Your arms



You are here with me, and yet

you are not

you are somewhere else- and I am here

and I am lost

You know, If I could,

I would run to you and fall

fall rapidly out of myself-and into you

for a moment

and you would throw your arms around me

and I would whisper your name

Can you hear me?

Please tell me you hear me

I want to be embedded in your senses

I want to whisper your name


come over here and let me lose myself in you

Let me embellish you with my tenderness

 let me take away your pain

Should we go somewhere babe?

Let’s go,

 I want to steal you away

if only for a sweet moment

so you can throw your arms around me

and I can whisper your name

let’s evaporate into conjoined nothingness

for a second

and entwine our tragic hearts 

To a place with no voice

and a place void of walls


come over here to me and  lock your hand in mine

let us run

 Let us be free of concrete minds

and of the societal locks that asphyxiate us

and let us inhale the virgin scent of our truth

for a moment-

let me embellish you with my tenderness

let me take away your pain

Entice me to come to you and I’ll engulf your space and replace it with me

I will be  your overwhelming distraction

you will be my every thought

You know, if I could, I would run to you and fall-fall rapidly out of myself

-and into you

and you would throw your arms around me

and I would whisper your name

let me lose myself in you

for just one selfish moment

let me ignite you with my touch

 Let me give you

All of me




but I am here

and you are there…