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When the best thing to do is nothing.

File 3-06-2016, 13 40 51

Sometimes, the only thing to do is nothing.

Park your emotions.

Put them on hold for a bit.

Shove them up on the top shelf until such a time that you can deal with them rationally.

In times of deep upset our ability to see the real story is severely hindered.

The bigger picture, is hidden under a huge pile of rubbish-stress, anger, confusion, resentment, disappointment, sadness and desperation.

This rubbish pile in the early stages is sometimes so heavy that any attempt to shift it will fail.

Each futile attempt to sort through it simply moves rubbish from one pile to another.

So when this happens,

park your emotions and wait.

Wait for the rubbish to slowly decompose, and in time,

it will be dust.

Portion-Small mounds are easier to jump than mountains.



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Winning the battle



~Nicole Martin

I am sitting here in silence and darkness and strangely I am still alert.
It’s very rare that this happens at this time of night without me instantly fighting sleep-life is never predictable.
It’s like the hammer has ceased banging my head into the ground, and I am able to reflect without distraction.

The boys are all asleep-it’s been a long day for them. I ran around earlier and put clean sheets on the beds, closed all the windows and turned on the air conditioning. There is something about making the environment nice for my boys, that is quietly satisfying as a wife and mother. Not sure what that is, or where it comes from. Instinct?

Perhaps it’s the feeling of tucking them in, and knowing they are safe and resting comfortably under my modest little tin roof, that draws out the deepest, most raw sense of security and relief within my subconscious me.

Relief that we’ve all been blessed to get through another day.

Relief that I’ve managed to drag my way through work and school lunches and dishes and school bags and dirty clothes just well enough for all to be content, whilst they rest under warm doona’s in the crispest of sheets in the coolest of aircon, in a blissfully unconscious and unbothered state of sleep.

I stare at them.

Look at how tightly closed their eyes are. Look at their little heads soaking up the softness of their pillow below. Look at their hair, all young and thick and all over the place, falling as it pleases, and resting exactly where it lands.

They breathe softly whilst their now big boy bodies concentrate on growing into men. I bought them that bed, and those pyjamas, and that pillow. I am proud that we as parents have managed to do that, when we had no idea what we were doing-at first. I am relieved, that despite the challenges we have faced as parents, and all of the problems we never managed to solve, they have grown up anyway, and they’re ok.

And now I will join my boys and share in their journey of subconscious bliss until tomorrow. When it all starts over, and the wheel once again groans and then quickly gains momentum, turning in time with life. All are forced to jump aboard and fend for themselves dodging obstacles, passing through fields of yellow daffodils, collecting money as they pass go, and heading to jail in times of bad luck.

But the wheel will always stop. Giving us time to reflect on the chaos, and allowing us to realise that the peace that happens every now and then, is the result, of winning the battle.

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Creativity-The Pathway to Peace


The Spectacular Cairns Esplanade, Australia

‘Living creatively is to burn the demons that plague us’


WordPress Photo Challenge

-Nicole Martin

In my spare time, which is rare these days, I throw myself into creating imagery. Whether through reflective prose or photography, creating resonance between image and reader in a way that is special to them, is paramount to the success of my work.

It’s a hobby-I guess you could say, although it’s how I would love to spend the rest of my days, drowning in my creative mind, and enriching my life experience.

Living creatively is to burn the demons that plague us

-the direct result of living in an impossibly insane world.


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Escaping ‘The Funk’


Escaping ‘The Funk’

‘Time in the wild reminds me how much of what I ordinarily do is mere dithering, how much of what I own is mere encumbrance. The opposite of simplicity, as I understand it, is not complexity but clutter.’ -Scott Sander (Mel Leader)


The last few days, I’ve been in a funk.


Million dollar question.

Why is anybody ever in a funk? Who knows, there’s this and that and there are always a million different excuses, reasons, stories we all tell ourselves but at times it just IS, and it’s best to stay out of everyone’s way until this highly annoying mood has passed.

I am currently still waiting 🙂

For those of you who have been gifted with a smile from ear to ear from dusk until dawn, you may not understand this concept as you have quite clearly been created on the good mood planet-a place very far away from my planet, and I will forever admire, but never understand you.

Perhaps I should be rocketed away to my very own planet when the ‘funk’ hits me; that way, I could grumble and moan to my hearts content, feel sorry for myself, and flounder within the ‘big fog’ in my mind for as long as I wish until the curse has been thoroughly flushed out of my system in a completely anonymous and harmless way-Happy days, I think this would work wonderfully.

So how have I dealt with it this time?

Still dealing with it-excellent-but I popped myself in my little car, said ‘ta-taaaaa’ to my relieved loved ones, and drove to some random, random place I’ve never been somewhere in the back of a township close-by, and snapped some shots of what seemed like a boring old paddock.

Staring down the lens to re-focus my mind.

Here are a few of my ‘funk’ shots-

…and now, as I view them, I realise

‘The overwhelming large when shrunk down to the simple small is sometimes all it takes to transform the grey back to the blue.’




Sugar Cane Far North Queensland


Sulphur crested cockatoo
Sulphur crested cockatoo



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What Lies Behind The Window





When I was little, I would stare out the window for hours, alone with my thoughts, free to watch the butterflies as they floated through the country air with elegance. They would land on the green vine that weaved it’s way around our back verandah, and talk to the caterpillars about their impending transition, whilst shading themselves from the summer sun.

I know this because my eyes witnessed the story, and ’twas second nature for me, to daydream in this manner.

Today, there is little time for window gazing and butterflies-a shame, I guess when I think about it, as the loss of that space has at times, affected my ability to be still.

…and then suddenly, one random day, I found myself staring down the lens of stillness; and it reminded me of that window, that captured me all those years ago.

I felt silly, if not ignorant, that of course, there are always windows, and of course, there are always butterflies…and it is Ok, to take the time-to find them again.