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On Sharing…What do you post?

Writing is all for me.

I find no benefit in sharing with those who have a different heart; …and those who read and misinterpret the origin of my prose.
There are those who will judge my position through no fault of their own, and no evil intent- a perfectly natural and acceptable thing to do. That is how the human mind works now isn’t it? We judge everything through our own eyes- the only way we can. Despite this, I focus on the purpose of my writing.
I write in an attempt to discover the truth in me.
I write so I can sit with myself in solace.
I write in an attempt to make sense of the stories in my head.
So I can travel toward acceptance.
So write for yourself, post for yourself-someone, if only one, will hear you and those who are on a different track may choose to adore you regardless.
“This is all a load of bull” -you say, but it’s only my voice; and if you like it, you may listen, and if you don’t- you won’t, and if you’re of the same heart, you’ll get it.
Sharing personal thoughts is a choice some make and others shudder at. That’s ok. It’s fine to do whatever it is you’re comfortable with.
Now, I get this a lot; “Nicole, are you going to jump off a cliff?”-and I smile.
My answer to that?
“Oh no, I much prefer to take in the beautiful view and run around it”


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

4 thoughts on “On Sharing…What do you post?

    1. Ha! It happens doesn’t it? But if we listen, we compromise our authenticity a bit. I guess. Thanks for the comment…and rememeber, the best writers and bloggers are all a bit bent! Cheers, Nicole

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