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Superficial Sunsets

“There’s nothing more superficial to do than to paint a beautiful woman. The most beautiful portraits in art were of ugly women. If you paint Brigitte Bardot it’s a disaster. Sunsets, you have to stay away from sunsets. you paint a sunset, you are in great danger”-Fernando Botero

I concur-There is nothing worse than ‘superficial’, ‘clichéd’,  ‘rehearsed’ or ‘copied’.  However, dear Fernando, I feel it is important to recognise, that if someone feels the desire to share, whether captured perfectly in the receivers mind or not, there remains benefit. Sunsets, aesthetically beautiful people, stunning scenery even if captured by an A grade presenter, will impress for only seconds, and if not done well may even be frowned upon as corny-true. Does this mean we should steer clear of attempting to articulate, or paint or sketch or sing and dance the ‘most aesthetically beautiful’ moments? Not at all-one persons trash, is another persons treasure.

For it’s almost never about the two dimensional image anyway, but in the meaning behind it.

Memories, connection and resonance are the diamonds buried within the dirt and will be uncovered by those who are in a position to receive them-hence the benefit of sharing.

“If ever there was a perfect scene, I would suggest this is it-watching the sunset over the ocean in all its breathtaking vastness. I don’t really know how to describe it. I’m up high, above the treetops and there is nothing impeding my view for 180 degrees. It’s just blue, and white, and yellow and green and pink.

The clouds are wispy and pink and are moving so slowly ones eyes could think they were still-only they’re not. I could eat them, all sugary and fluffy-like fairy floss. The horizon is bordered with the colours passing through this moment in time, and there are a few solitary ships in the distance. Their view would be different from mine, but easily as magical I imagine.

The beach is scattered with little people. Some huddled together, some walking, some solitary, and I am watching a little boy as he floats in the shallows and absorbs nature around him with no judgement-it is what it is.

The contrasting colours which surround me, sustain my intensive interest-They are a perfect fit.

My hair is in my face and is now sticking to my freshly applied lipstick, but I dare not move from my front row seat in case I miss the next installment.

A surfer comes crashing down and is lost in the white wash, his only goal to catch the next big one. He is not interested in the sunset like me.

The coastline has houses splashed all over it, each one sharing a piece of my painting. I wonder if there are people inside them doing the same thing as me? Perhaps, perhaps not. In any case, their scene despite a similar appearance, would be entirely different in so many wonderfully unique ways. It doesn’t matter which angle I turn my head, or which pair of glasses I view it with, I can never see their painting as they do.

I’m not sure there is anything  to be gained from watching a sunset. You can’t make money out of it, it’s not really productive in any way, and I guess there will be plenty more over the course of time. But the truth of it, is that there are some sunsets that will remain indelibly entrenched in my mind-I was here 19/12/2017

I wish you all peace tonight my friends.”





"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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