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Back to the beginning again

Sometimes I wonder why it takes me so long to realise when I’m on a good thing. I have a terrible habit of moving from one thing to the next, constantly exploring new options, only to revert back after a period of restlessness and uncertainty to what worked best for me. Perhaps it’s a result of my unsettled personality, or perhaps it was life’s plan for me from the start-to learn and grow and change, in order to fully appreciate my best fit.

The above paragraph could be applied to many things in my life, but tonight I am referring to this blog of mine-All of me.

There was a time I was writing often. I expressed my feelings in the form of stories, with no real structure or flow, just in the form of a mess of honesty and energy all thrown together onto paper to reflect the mood of my heart. Like a splash of a million drops of paint on a canvas, splattered in no particular order. Yet it was me…back then.

As time progressed though, my needs changed, my heart started to beat on its own with out the support of my writing, and this blog, all but faded away. I never realised it served as a crutch for my everyday survival, until I Re-read some of the words that I wrote, recently. I have grown, and my writing needs have changed, as have I.

Despite this, my desire to connect with like minded readers and writers is as strong as ever. I had forgotten how much warmth I received from fellow WordPress friends, and how important that was to my emotional strength.

Facebook has never left me, although it has often left me feeling empty and distant as the connection with readers disappeared somewhere underneath the mass of social media over kill. Friends left, and most became bored with what FB and its participants had to offer. Facebook has also evolved over time, together with its people, and still serves a valuable purpose for me, however its capacity to fulfill my needs, has dwindled.

I want to blog, and want to share and I want to feel and I want to connect. From now on, I will be posting my thoughts on this page. I will be interacting with my readers via this notebook, in a way that is now. In a way that is newly today.

I hope we can share stories in the future.


Me-from All of me




"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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