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Facebook or not?


It’s a question that’s crossed my mind on several occasions over the years, and even more so recently.

Many of my friends have let go of the Facebook fad, in favour of either a social media free lifestyle, or the more refined versions such as Instagram, which tend to contain less ‘shared’ media streaming and adverts.

I guess people have had a gut full of sharing into others lives and in the meantime, not really living theirs.

Is that it?

A quiet, more private life, like it used to be, certainly has its appeal, however I’d miss the interaction with those that know me.

…and I’d never, ever, know how my dear old friends were, or even, where they were. I’d never know my extended family who live abroad, yet now, I can hear of their adventures.

So what keeps me IN then if almost everybody has left the table whilst some of us are still dining?


I guess, it’s important to find one’s personal balance that suits one’s personality and lifestyle, and it’s important to recognise, when it’s suffocating our opportunity to get out and live.

One thing’s for sure, we are all different on that front!

So until next time,

Cheers fellow diners…who’s for dessert?


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

7 thoughts on “Facebook or not?

  1. Interesting statement! I had not realised it until now, but this is so true. I am on Facebook, because to me it is the easiest way to keep in touch with the people I love all over the world. I don’t use the time line much, however I use Facebook Messenger feature a lot!

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  2. I think there is a huge discussion to be had about this. I have a FB business page as well as my timeline and I belong to a few groups connected to my small business. I sometimes wonder if all the information I receive is even necessary for me to know. Especially when it gives me feelings of inadequacy or feelings that I should be doing more and more. I am also mindful of the fact that people FB the highlights of their lives not the mundane. I’m still hanging in, but I don’t have so much trouble turning it off any more. Thank you for starting the conversation.

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    1. I’m in the same boat Barbara. Hanging in, but sometimes wondering why. People are engaging less and less on their timelines, and often simply re-posting material from others, or sharing videos. I could easily do away with it, yet I don’t want to lose touch with the people that count in my life. Thanks for your contribution, Cheers Nicole


  3. You’re right Nicole, it is all about balance. And not letting it suffocate our lives. Personally I’ve taken a step back from FB but every now and then I feel an urge to go on, almost as though I’ve missed something. And of course I haven’t. 🙂

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