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The prison we build for ourselves as adults






The Prison We Build For Oursleves As Adults

There is something I love about this photo I took yesterday. 

It highlights the freedom of youth. The complete and utter disregard for anything tidy and orderly. 

I mean, who would think of destroying a perfectly fabulous sleep over-three little boys with all the joys of spring-by actually tidying up? An adult, that’s who. 

Sitting back and observing them, woke me up a little, as I was so simply reminded that my idea of perfection was so terribly different to theirs. 

Perfect to me, was a tidy lounge room, with all toys packed away after use, beds made and NO NOISE.

Perfect to them however, was having 3 buddies over to giggle with, wrestle, laugh and scream with joy in the purest most honest form, pillow fights, and a very real oblivion to the ‘state’ in which they had left the lounge room. 

What I wouldn’t give, to ‘let go’-just for a while-of the prison I have created for myself as a boring adult in view of achieving ‘orderly, and controlled’. 


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

4 thoughts on “The prison we build for ourselves as adults

  1. Great insight that speaks affirmatively about my perpetually untidy desk. Self-congratulations aside,

    I think adults sometimes organize unnecessarily. They sneak in a future tense…

    I have a friend who has only has three files in his folder. And he creates sub-folders for them. Two in one, one in the other. I asked why. He said, ‘ It’s neater. And who knows, I may have more later on.’

    It’s almost like he assumes that he will not be capable enough to organize later on.

    The less one is able to respond to the present the more one plans?

    Anyway, great think, great write. Thanks for the outlet too.

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