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Blogger SLAMMED for nasty comment in spectacular fashion.


Nicole Martin

Have you ever had a less than favourable comment in response to your writing?

Personally, my writing hangs from a set of strings that attach directly to my heart, whether I like it or not. Yes, I know it shouldn’t matter what others say, yes I know I should write for myself and not to please others-these suggestions are true, but sometimes as a sensitive person-a trait most writers are either blessed or cursed with-it is very easy to forget this idealistic advice, and become devoid of all reason and rational thought when clouded with the disappointment and frustration of a negative comment.

Constructive criticism is wonderful, and serves as a valuable learning tool, but judgmental, nasty comments can wound someone having a vulnerable moment. Especially when the commentEr, really has limited understanding of the writers true intention.

A writer I admire Chris Nicholas, author of the highly successful blog The Renegade Press, wrote a screamer of a response to a nasty comment made on his blog recently. It is extremely well expressed and whether you agree or disagree with his sentiment, it’s a post all sensitive writers would benefit from reading. Please find the link below.

Glass Houses

One particular comment on this electric post, caught my attention. Bravo Canada Slim.

This gives the person who wrote the nasty comment no attention whatsoever, and serves as a wonderful reminder, to remember why it is that one is writing in the first place.

I have created this post drawing on the wisdom of Chris and Canada Slim, so that I may refer back, when I need to hear these words.

Canada Slim

‘Abraham Lincoln once wrote-

“you can please all of the people some of the time, you can please some of the people all of the time, but you will never please all of the people all of the time.”

No matter how hard you may try there will always be those who are determined not to like you. Forget about them and instead write the truth as you see it, even if it is a truth only you can see.

Write because NOT writing feels like a life unfulfilled.

Write because it isn’t there and you give it life.

It makes not a shred of difference whether you have ten followers or ten thousand.

Just write for you. And you will find that if your writing is true to who you are, then it will touch the lives of others.

Never underestimate the power of one.’

Inspired by WordPress Daily-Daily Promtpt

 Drawing a Blank


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

8 thoughts on “Blogger SLAMMED for nasty comment in spectacular fashion.

  1. Thanks for this post. I also read the post by Chris Nichols and it was awesome. As we continue on this writing journey, it would be behoove us to do as he suggested in the post. Ignore the negative criticisms of those who have put themselves on a pedestal. I was visiting with my son yesterday and he was showing me videos of a segment of a talk show that had stars reading the negative Twitter comments directed to them from people who had something bad to say. The comments were mean, nasty and ugly. I realize that people tend to think because the social media forums are available they can say whatever they want. With the technological advancements and the access to whatever art we wish to consume at the moment (movies, songs, writings, etc.), comes the disrespect for another’s journey or work. I tend to think because you can swipe away anything that doesn’t fit your standard, it is so much easier to criticize others and dismiss it with no afterthought of how you affected that person. That said, it is necessary to develop a thick skin and beware that you don’t become like them, spewing negative mess in return. Chris handled this well.

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    1. He did indeed San. He is an intelligent writer, and true to himself, which is why he is successful.
      Nice to chat to you! Hope you are loving blogging and writing. Keep it up, I am glad you are here in the same Cyber Space street as me, Cheers Nicole


  2. Nicole- sadly we live in a world of unkind souls. But fortunately, we have a wonderful circle of those, who are supportive and stand with you and for you. Currently, I am reading the novel Kindred by Octavia E. Butler I am just starting the book but I always like to read about the writer first. She was determined to write and not give up. Take a minute and read her story, I think it will be inspirational.

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    1. Thank you for the recommendation. I will do that! You are correct. There are many wonderful people who are supportive and will stand beside us. You know, we should continue to support each other-together with our other followers- in our blogging endeavours.



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    1. I think all of ‘us writers’ understand the compulsion to bleed our souls, with words that spill from our subconscious, and remind us who we really are. Sometimes, it’s not until I’ve written something down, in a moment of deep reflection, that I realise how I really feel about something. It can actually come as quite a surprise! Our words originate from a special place within-this makes it very simple for readers to misinterpret their meaning. Judgement of another’s thoughts are unreasonable, as they may be inaccurate. Opinions expressed however, are welcomed, as is constructive criticism. There is no place for nastiness. Although I personally haven’t been the subject of any form of on-line brutality as yet, there are many who have. I must say though, the WordPress community for me, has been overwhelmingly supportive and generous. Thanks for your contribution to this discussion samratkel, all the best with your blogging Journey, Warmly, Nicole

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