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Dear Jasper


‘We need to discuss your A grade ability to sulk.’



Nicole Martin

Dear Jasper,

I really think we need to have a heart to heart human-to-dog talk.

Come over here, put your hairy little behind down on the tiles, and bring with you your most finely tuned dog ears.
-and I am not for one minute fooled by that cute little innocent doggy face you are putting on, because I know you can understand me.

We need to discuss your A grade ability to sulk. You have developed quite the attitude of late and we need you to understand that whilst mum and dad always have your best interests at heart, there is no need to disown your father simply because he gave me a foot massage on the couch last night.

This business of storming outside, flopping yourself next to the pool fence and refusing to look at us, let alone talk to us, is taking it a bit far. Your helpless, far away stares into the darkness and your heavy, quite audible sighs, for hours on end had me worried you were sick. I almost called the vet, a ridiculously expensive exercise for a bad case of the sulks.

Mum and dad have to go to work. I understand having nobody to talk to all day, sitting on your bed and staring at the outdoor furniture isn’t the most enthralling way to spend your day, but we take you to the park to chase your favourite ball every single day, and on weekends you go to the beach, roll in everything that stinks to high heaven, nose dive into the sand until your ears, eyes and nose are so full of grains you can’t stop sneezing, and you run with the wind and frolic in the waves until your smile is so big I could swear your tongue would fall out.

You spend every moment you can sleeping on top of dad, you are allowed on the couch, AND our bed, you get to eat left over pasta, roast lamb and chicken, lie in air conditioned comfort, have regular baths and rub downs which we know you love, and you bounce on the trampoline with your brothers when it suits you.

So Jasper, our precious little puppy boy….let me ask you this.

What the heck is all the sulking about?

Love mum and dad

Dear mum,

You’ve got it all wrong. I am simply taking in the ambiance of the night sky. When I sit by the pool fence, I stare at the billions of stars, and find myself in awe of their beauty and wonder. Really.

Love Jasper

Dear Jasper,

It was cloudy last night.

Love mum

Dear mum,

Oh, bugger.

Love Jasper

I will walk with you forever


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"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

11 thoughts on “Dear Jasper

  1. Haha. Yes well they do think they’re human. Oh what am I saying? They are human, silly me….

    Your dog rules the house? So does mine :))

    I appreciate the reply YvoCaro, hugs to your Scotty!

    Warmly, Nicole


  2. Great post, Nicole! My Scotty read it with much interest too. She rules my house with a whine and a bark, plus hypnotic stares. And she was much interested about adding sulking to it too.
    ( maybe I shouldn’t leave my iPad lying around…) Love to Jasper!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re just divine aren’t they? My dog has actually taught me many things strange enough! I love golden retrievers-It’s just the fur I’d have issues with. As it is, keeping up with the fur is almost a full time job!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tell me about it! He is almost white, and every time I wear a black trousers or skirt, he takes delight in rubbing his whole body against my legs… Probably giggling quietly. But we adore him anyway. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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