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‘I notice an impostor staring back at me from deep within the glass’

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WordPress Daily Prompt



Nicole Martin


My gaze is fixed on the coffee table.

I’m stuck here

and I’m not moving

this is where I stop.

Just me and the fine layer of dust that’s also comfortable here.

I notice an impostor staring back at me from deep within the glass

Who the hell are you?- I ask

They ignore me.

Disinterested, that’s how I’d describe them.

A timely blink forces me to refocus.

The face is gone and the dust is back.

That happened fast-I thought

I only wiped it the other day

A large speck of white catches my attention

It’s just sitting there, parked off on it’s own

making friends with the crooked glass corner

A toast crumb?

A feather?

A butterfly wing?

A diamond?

My eyes are burning,

-damn you

I close them.

and then I feel it.

A rapid accumulation of energy in my throat that wants to escape

It starts in my chest and explodes out the nearest exit-my mouth

This unwelcome yawn disturbs the edge of my stare

A tear escapes-I feel it on my cheek

“Wake up lady” My brain pleads

“NO WAY”-I reply

I dispense of the tear like a dirty old rag and re-position my solidified gaze to please myself

This time in the direction of the Kettle

Here Kettle, here little Kettle, kettle, kettle, kettle

I’m not getting up-I thought

Although I probably should

If only it would grow wings and fly to me

or sprout little robot legs and run

I’d kill for a cupppa

but my legs are chained to the couch

It’ll have to wait.

My burning eyes blink, and before I know what’s happening my head decides to lie down

I told it not to do that, but it didn’t listen

“It’s only for a minute” it reassures

-I relent

I can see the ceiling now

round and round and round it goes

purring with every revolution

it’s arms are also dusty

the fan did NOT get cleaned last week I remembered, unlike the table

I’ll have to do it another day

not today

I’m not moving.

My legs misbehave now and embark on making themselves comfortable.

-I should get up and do something useful.

They stretch themselves out like they own the place

‘The king has been overthrown’- I am no longer in control of the moment

They stretch their bones

they stretch their muscles

“but it’s only for a minute”-they inform me

“Ok. But just for a minute” I warn.

Round and round and round and round


Photo credit: DanieleCivello via / CC BY-NC

Featured Image: Photo credit: origami_potato via / CC BY-NC-ND

Artistry is about reflection not suicide

When youth leaves us

To my Boy


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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