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Use Humour over Anger



“Pardon me, but I think you have chocolate on your face”


WordPress prompt-Can’t Stand Me


Wouldn’t the world be a different place if the ‘words’ we selected in times of confrontation, were replaced with something else entirely.

For example-If the confrontational phrase “I can’t stand you” was replaced with “I can’t stand ME”, I am sure your alleged attacker would stop dead in their tracks- surprised at your unexpected reaction and offer their most sincere counseling services immediately.

Reverse Psychology is no joke-It works.

Consider this scenario.

You arrive at work, spritely, on time, and ready to put your best foot forward, when you are rudely greeted by your boss who simply grunts when you say ‘Good Morning’ -wearing your best smile mind you!

You let it go until morning tea time when you awkwardly run into him on your way to the bathroom. Once again, he ignores your presence. You respond by facing him directly in view of blasting his head off-

‘You are the rudest man I think I’ve ever met. What is wrong with you? Does your wife hate you? Did your next door neighbour take a leak on your driveway? Did your parents ban you from watching Baywatch?’

-but instead, for a reason completely unknown to yourself, you say-

“Be careful of the Bananas in the tea room, I’ve heard they give you gas”-his reaction?

“Oh. Pardon?

BONUS,  you have him talking already, and you’ve probably helped him to forget for a few milliseconds that his wife burnt his eggs that morning, and he drove into the back of a semi-trailer on the way -Good job.

Very few arguments are about YOU and THEM. Mostly, it’s about what you say, and how you say it-Right?

So the next time somebody gets out of their car and storms up to your window with a massive bout of road rage, look at them, dip your shades, and say-

“Pardon me, but I think you have chocolate on your face”


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"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

19 thoughts on “Use Humour over Anger

  1. Humour is a wonderful thing… a good laugh can put a lot of worries behind you. Positive humour can help defuse difficult situations, help us through difficult times, help us relax when we are feeling tense. Humour also helps when we are taking ourselves too seriously. Your post is a great reminder of this simple truth! 🙂

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    1. Yes! I concur! The difficult part is replacing angry, frustrated feelings, with humorous ones spontaneously. That switch is very hard to flick-however, awareness is the first step. Have a peaceful day, warmly Nicole

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ireland, that’s right, how could I forget! When I was introduced to your blog I remember your self professed patriotism. Irish through and through! I think I’m in love with your accent already 🙂 A young Irish lad fresh out of Dublin has recently joined our team in my place of employment. His first words to me were “Pleased to F%$ing meet ya”. I asked him what he did on the weekend, and his response was “I went to the pub with a few lads and was totally f&^%. He’s hysterical, we just love him.


      1. That’s hilarious. I love how blogging connects you to fun people all around the world! We have ice everywhere this week, although less than usual. Great chance to wear my new fake fur jacket… Always a good side haha!

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      2. Fake fur jacket? I’d kill for one of those. All I have in my wardrobe are a few pairs of shorts some singlets and a pair of thongs…(Not a G-String as you say in the US….you are in the US aren’t you?) _Thongs in Australia are like sandals, flip flops? What do you call them? You know, those earth pad things.

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      3. Haha… I think you would love it too ‘hunch’. Emerald green, I bought it on last trip to Ireland which is where I am from, in fact. And no, not living in U.S. but (wait for it)… Amsterdam! Moved here many years ago, and settled!
        As for thongs, haha… yes here it means a stringy under garment (not suited to a woman of my rich years, i.e. Over 50) but the foot wear is just flip flops. I think that is what you mean?
        Trips to Dublin are my perfect excuse for a bit of extravagant over spending. I tell myself, ah sure it is only this time… Yeah right. 😉


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