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The clock is my worst enemy



“Clocks slay time-time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels;only when the clock stops does time come to life”-William Faulkner


If I Could Turn Back Time




It is a bit, but the sentiment highlights the sad truth.

Keeping one eye on the clock all day is like feeding an anti-depressant to creativity and enjoyment. It mellows my ability to be spontaneous and free. It’s like tying a piece of fishing line to my mind and reeling it in when the clock shouts-


The ticking clock of time, relentlessly fights to whisk me away from the timelessness of truly living and rushes me forth into the future, quite unwillingly.

“But I’m not ready for the future yet”-Human resistance bites- this diseased state of mind becomes metastatic as it etches its claws into my psyche, a babe born from the womb of mother tick.

Floating my way through life and reaching my full  potential as a person requires me to mentally untie myself from the bounds of routine. 

I must disintegrate my connection with past and future, whilst immersed in the present, if I am to truly live.

Watching the clock is like standing in a long queue in the stifling heat, with uncomfortable shoes and flies and people with bad breath to be simply given permission to move onto the next ‘planned’ task in ones day.

What a drag.

I’m not doing it. I will not be an eternal slave to routine-for my soul will die of starvation.

As my ideal philosophy is to practice living in the now at all times, the past and the future are largely irrelevant to me. Therefore this leads me to mention that I have no interest in re-visiting or altering the pasta dangerous mind game that few people win.



Dear clock,

Please understand that I am fully aware of your position in my life. It’s nothing personal. However my deep aspiration is to pay you little to no attention whatsoever.

My attachment to you in the past has meant that I have not lived. It is only when you are absent from my mind, that I find myself knee deep in bad jokes and fairy bread. When you tap me on the shoulder and shout at me to wake up-which I understand is your unfortunate  job-I realise I have not missed you at all.






When I read the works of others, I search for that special something that ‘STOPS TIME’ for me. Something that makes me ‘feel’, something that exposes truth and induces vulnerability.

For me, vulnerability is one of the most beautiful qualities a writer can possess.


Of the posts I have read today in response to the wordpress promt

‘If I could turn back time’

My favourite piece by far, was a story written by a 17 year old.

Such beautiful words, such bravery, such vulnerability.


I say Thank You to this young talent,  for sharing their story with me today.


Please read here

I’m sure you’ll find it worthwhile



Photo credit: N@ncyN@nce via / CC BY-SA


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