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Humans are a strange breed


Photo credit: Spatial Mongrel via / CC BY-NC

Humans are a strange breed

by N.A.Martin


Driving Home, It’s automatic.

I can’t recall it, some of the time

I don’t know what happens, I mentally switch off I guess-or not

Perhaps I mentally switch ON and decide to follow a long road of thought, which is essentially all rubbish leading to the bottoms end of nowhere.

Thoughts are never really finite, now are they. They just swirl around aimlessly, fooling us into believing they’re necessary.

They just act to bug me really, like a mosquito that won’t listen.

Often, I’ll shout at myself

“Oh would you just shut up already brain”

If you asked me if I saw the man wearing the blue overalls in front of KFC breaking and entering, I’d have to say no.

If you asked me if I noticed a black truck with 6 blokes piled in the back shouting obsenities, I’d have to say no.

If the police tracked me down and requested I verify the identity of the overalls man, with the hammer in his pocket, and his long hair, could I assist?

I often ponder that very question.

Because if I can’t even remember driving home, along the same route, for the millionth time, in my random car, the odds of solving a crime are low.

So how many naughty things completely fly under the raider then?

Whilst the unobservant of us are caught up in random, irrelevant, conversations inside our heads with  the wicked manager,  or the stupid person in the lunch line who pushed in, or the girls that were gossiping all day behind our  backs  and are now secretly plotting our demise, actual LIFE continues to go on around us.

What I did notice on my drive home however, were several pitch black red-tailed Palm cockatoos, parked off on top of the light posts above the highway.

They were lined up, one after the other, appearing to be obliviously unfussed.

 I bet they were laughing and saying something like this

“Look at all those random cars, going to random destinations, every, single, day, with random people inside, wasting all their time on pointless thinking, when they could be sitting up here and admiring the view. Humans are a strange breed”


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"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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