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30 Things I’ll never understand

Photo credit: Richard Scott 33 via / CC BY-NC-SA

30 Things I’ll never understand



  1. Why my piece of toast falls butter side DOWN every time
  3. Why mosquitoes love to bite some people more than others
  4. Why pink doesn’t go with red
  5. Why I can never find a matching pair of socks, where do all the socks go?
  6. Why my pen always disappears at work, where do all the pens go?
  7. Why the kids all of a sudden, can’t find anything when it’s time to leave, and it’s never their fault
  8. Why 8 pm bedtime means let’s have an epic toilet visit, a deep and meaningful conversation, and ‘but I haven’t done my homework’
  9. Why some people are always late, and some people are always early
  10. Why my dog loves my husband more than me
  11. Why when the kids play basketball or soccer, they can NEVER get it through the goal or in the hoop but as soon as I appear they never miss my head
  12. Why pumpkin is so hard to cut
  13. Why no matter how much I vacuum, there is always more dog fur
  14. Why there’s 24 hours in a day, but I never have any time
  15. Why brilliant people have to die, and evil ones seemingly live forever
  16. Why bullies, will always be bullies, and will always get away with it
  17. Why manners in children are a distant memory
  18. Why we have disempowered teachers, and handed over control to emotionally immature children, who are in desperate need for direction.
  19. Why discipline, tradition, respect and aiming for excellence are now politically incorrect
  20. Why athletes are cool and academics are dorky
  21. Why salada biscuits never break down the manufactured lines, but crack wherever they feel like it, causing me to question why I’ll never learn, and why I always throw a tantrum for the inconvenience, when I know it’s going to happen
  22. Why I lose my phone sparking a 15 minute searching frenzy every single time I’m talking on it
  23. Why I vague out during almost every credit card transaction in the shops, leaving the shop assistant patiently waiting for me to input my PIN, while I drift away and contemplate the thoughts in my head….quickly followed by…”when you’re ready” and “oh gosh sorry, I am half asleep”
  24. Why, when we are considered an intelligent privileged culture, we are actually properly broken, with divorce, depression, suicide, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, domestic violence, and ignorance controlling our daily lives, and effecting our happiness, but third world cultures, who are considered less privileged, and who have much much less than us, are scientifically proven to be ‘happier’.
  25. Why when I walk into Bunnings I turn into a man
  26. Why I never get sick of the taste of Coke
  27. How something can fall behind the couch and enter the black hole of nowhere, never, ever to be seen again, causing endless frustration with the knowledge this thing is cruising somewhere with all the socks and pens of the world
  28. How the remote control is solely responsible for domestic violence, family fights and major control issues, metamorphosing otherwise lovely children and husband into wild, defensive monsters.
  29. Why I’m leaving number 30 blank, so that you can fill it in!



Photo credit: mistergesl via / CC BY-NC-SA

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"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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