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 This will leave you breathless


‘…and your tears they fell

and my heart it soared

“I love it”…’




I wanted to give you something

Everyone else always gave you something

Everyone else always gave you special things

Like perfume, the really fancy stuff

Or a lovely dress with a famous designer’s name on it

and you always said to me, that it didn’t matter

that it wasn’t in the gift

it was in the thought

but I still felt embarrassed

that I couldn’t give you something you deserved

to show you that you were important

to show you what you meant

to me

so I dug down deep, deep inside my soul

to think of something I could give

that meant more than money could buy

that would be suitable to give

to someone as special as you

It took days and weeks, and still I was unsure

but I think I finally found it

and I prayed that it would do

but then I was called away

and I really had to go

but I never once forgot you

or the gift that I’d kept to give

and as soon as I returned

I chose a special day

 and I took a deep breath

and showed up at your house

and I hid

in the corner of the room

until all the fancy presents had been ‘oooo’ed and ahhhhhed’ over

and everyone had moved onto Christmas pudding and wine

you came to me slowly

with a smile I’ll never forget

and I held out my hands

with my gift cradled inside them

peering downward you stared

and so did I 

and your tears they fell 

and my heart it soared

“I love it”

you whispered

and you reached for my hands

with the gift cradled inside them

and you filled them with warmth

as you held them in yours

and you took the gift

and you held it tight

and you took my hand

and you held it tight

and you led me

to the centre of the room

leaving the corner behind us

and you placed me on the table

where the sunlight defined me

and you stared into my eyes

a tiny tear drop falling down

“Thank you for coming. You are a gift to me”

you whispered softly

and you kissed me with your love

that will never be diminished

or forgotten

or lost

and I vanished with no goodbye, 

but the promise of returning next Christmas

or whenever you close your eyes

and wish for me to be there

and I’ll bring with me a gift

to give from me to you

and nobody else

to remind you how special you were


and how special you are still


and how special you will be


to me.



♥️Heart Story-N.A.Martin

copyright © 2015. N.A.Martin. All rights reserved.















"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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