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Has blogging become less professional?

Perhaps, but it depends on ones definition of professional firstly, AND on ones individual preference.

Interesting article by Pearls before Swine

She discusses the evolution of blogging, some very valid points.

As a reader, what is your opinion?


My response is included below;

Food for thought?


‘Morning, fabulously insightful article.

On the flip side, I personally, love how blogging has evolved. It is true; setting up a blog these days is not difficult. Thank goodness! It has provided a wonderful opportunity for many to practice the art of expression with words. Imagine that? Millions of ‘new age bloggers’ improving their literary skills, having been given the opportunity to ‘create’ and share their work rather than simply leaving it to the professionals.

Your blog is a fine example of professionalism-well written and well presented. I have learnt many things from you.

There are also blogs I follow that involve ‘the venting of thoughts’. Perhaps not as professional through the lens of a ‘Novelist or ‘Literary genius’ but wonderfully authentic, unique and entertaining. These blogs have no advice, poor English in some cases, are flooded with emotionalism, and would never feature in ‘The New York Times’, but they are a gift to me. Why? Their honesty, their transparency, their heart and their vulnerability are relatable and endearing traits that draw me to them.

I am so pleased, that ‘blogging’ has evolved to such a point that anyone who desires to spread their wings and risk exposing themselves to the world has the opportunity to do so, with the knowledge in mind, that there are plenty of experienced bloggers/writers/pro’s to learn from, plenty of support from fellow bloggers, fabulous on-line WordPress courses to advance their skills and their own little readership whether 20 or 20,000, that will love to engage with them.

Thanks for your ‘food for thought’,






The PBS Blog


I was fulfilling some orders this morning, you know the daily grind, and my thoughts fell on blogging in general. I thought about the history of blogging and how it has changed over the years. But what my thoughts focused on more so is how the increase in technology seemed to have downgraded the professional image of blogging in the eyes of the (wait for it) blogger.

When we launch these blogs, I do not think we really understand its significance. At least I didn’t.

Anyone can create a blog today. It is as easy as signing up for a Word Press free account. You can write about what you want and organize your blog how you see fit. Though it is easy to do, have you ever thought about what it means to be a blogger? I remember watching television over the years and seeing someone speak…

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"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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