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Daily December

You may mistake me for a drama queen, (That’s right MISTAKE-I’m not one at all) -that’s not new to me, but it kind of makes me feel alive to be this way, sought of like free expression resulting in a totally new me who is-‘post dramatic outburst’, capable of actually relaxing with a cup of tea.


My drama for the week?

I’m so cranky you could probably put me in a pot of boiling water, like a toad, cook me up slowly, and I wouldn’t even notice.

Boiled Nicole for dinner. Good, serve me up, I don’t care, it might take my mind off things.


As teenagers across the globe would say-or ‘anybody’ nowadays for that matter;





This Sunday and the following Friday, our Zippy (AKA Flynny-Soz Flynnster-suck it up!)
is scheduled to compete in the Queensland age-group state championships for 100m Breastroke (PB 1:18:15) and 200m Breastroke (PB 2:49).

This is renowned for being one of the toughest age-group swimming championships in the world. This is a result of the sheer strength and depth of swimming in Queensland, Australia.

There will be over 3000 competitors at this event, who are all worthy of elite status.

How does Australia, currently ranked the second best swimming nation in the world only topped by The USA (who is a whopping 10 times our size) continually produce so many elite swimmers?

The answer is ‘Opportunity’

Children in this country learn to swim as babies almost without exception, and have readily available opportunities to partake in extension programs to develop their skills further.

So there you have it-Quality coaching from the grass roots up.

To give you an idea of the training required by kids to achieve at an elite level in swimming in Australia, here is a rough idea of Flynn’s weekly training schedule:

He is 13 years


MONDAY:    0530-0700, 5-6km
                    1500-1730, 5-6km

TUESDAY:    1500-1730, 5-6km

                  WEDNESDAY:  0530-0700, 5-6km
                                             1500-1730, 5-6km

  THURSDAY:    1500-1730, 5-6km

  FRIDAY:          0530-0700, 5-6km
                          1500-1730, 5-6km

SATURDAY: 0630-0830, 5-6km


That’s between 45-50 kilometres of swimming per week.

Rough? Absolutely. Swimming is a terrible sport, for those who don’t enjoy, but if you love it, it’s brilliant.

The fitness of these kids, is unfathomable. Their determination, discipline and persistence rare.

Flynn (13 years) training up for states


‘Success happens, when DESIRE/DRIVE exceeds excuses’

One thing I have learnt through my observation of elite sport over the years, is that TALENT only goes so far.

It will take you to a platform, where without EXTREMELY hard work and endurance, you will remain. It IS possible, for those less talented than yourself to fly straight past you, if they have the drive.

You know what else?

Success happens, when DESIRE/DRIVE exceeds excuses.

…and you know what ELSE?

I have two kids.

They have the same talent.

One wants to swim, just because he does- it just is. It was nothing we said, it was nothing we enforced upon him.

The other one does NOT want to swim, for now…and so he doesn’t. It was nothing we said, and it was nothing we enforced upon him.


You can force them of course, the old parental iron clad chain approach, but they will always produce a half-hearted effort and reach their limits quickly, and YOU will produce a child who is tormented by the mere thought of your demands.

They either love it, or they don’t. It’s as simple as that.

At present, our Flynn is striking while the iron is hot, it’s what he wants, in the immediate term anyway.

When it comes to competing in state events, Flynn has a rough record.


He qualified for the State Aquathon Champs and a week prior, tore all the ligaments in his ankle whilst flying through the air to rebound in Basketball-I was there, and believe me when I tell you, I am still recovering today.


He then qualified for the REP basketball team who was to attend The Queensland State Champs, but yet again, he sprained his ankle prior to the event and missed out.




I’m sorry, but I just have to get this out.

Flipping flying turtle shells (AKA 💩)

All has been cruising along fine. I have tried to remain positive, but the last two experiences have tainted my innocence.

This is what’s going on.



I am infected.


I woke in the night after a chainsaw cut slithers in my throat like a piece of wood, and immediately thought,


What if I pass it on to Flynn?

He’ll kill me, I’ll kill me, everyone will kill me.

This can’t happen again.

His immunity will be down as a result of heavy training and he’ll be susceptible.

So I quarantined myself, and the bedroom became my home.

I covered my mouth with a towel when around him….ridiculous I know..yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m hearing you, but he didn’t do all of this body shattering training for nothing.

This seemed to work for a couple of days…my cold went like this:


Not a major drama?

Nope. UNTIL…

Xavier (my other son) woke up collapsed onto my death bed-


“Don’t come near me Xav, I’m sick”

“So am I”

Bloody hell. I took his temp. 37.6. Not bad, but a temp all the same.

He had little red dots all over him, that looked rather like ‘chicken pox’


‘But he’s been vaccinated??’

I ran into Flynn’s room so fast my legs almost got tangled, and the dogs tail landed under my right foot

“Yelp” he squeeled

“Sorry Wondeez, but get out of my way”


He slowly looked up at me, completely unaffected by my apparent outburst

“Geez. Looking rough mum. What’s the towel for?”

“Are you feeling ok?”

“I’m fine”

“Thank God. No spots? No sore throat?”

“No, but I have a strange green growth on my left toe”

“You what?”

“I’m fine mum. Have a cup of tea”

The doctor examined Xavier very carefully.

“Looks like chicken pox, but hard to say. Hmmm. Very interesting. Could be infectious. Better keep him away from people”

Oh good Lord.

Now there were two infected individuals, in the same house, with different diseases.

As Michael (my husband) never catches anything, I wasn’t concerned he was a potential infector.

We all had scabies once….yes, yes, OMG, mum keep your hair on, it’s a potential occupational hazard in the nursing field I’m afraid, but anyway, Michael didn’t catch it, even with me sleeping all over him….He must have very untasty skin.

He would have to be the designated boss of the house whilst I was underground 😉

Isolating two people is not easy. Especially when one of them is an 11 year old boy, who fancies practicing his rapping all day long…

“Xavier, I have a headache…VOLUME”

So we locked him in the computer room. That’s where he’s living now. Occasionally I send him food, via a little trap door we constructed😜

Today is Tuesday.

Flynn swims on Sunday.

So far, he is healthy. 🌞


♥️Heart Story-N.A.Martin


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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