All Of Me

I never realised how difficult this was to answer.

I could say many things, however I wanted to search for my own truth and try not to reproduce someone else’s thoughts, easier said than done.

I really don’t want to give the Violin version either. Having you all yawning way before bedtime is a drag.

So I’ll give it a bash and see what happens.

The strength of the human spirit when times are dire, inspires me.

When I see someone willingly donate something of value, anonymously, purely to benefit others, I feel inspired.

When others display the persistence and mental strength to overcome adversity, I feel inspired.

Achievement inspires me.

Excellence inspires me.

Music inspires me.

Story telling inspires me.

Discovering that I still have the ability to learn, when I thought it was all over, inspires me.

Hearing someone laugh and laugh and laugh out loud, inspires me.

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