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DAY 38-THE LAST DAY!!!! Cycling from Cairo to Cape Town, 15/11/2015

I have just had word that they may need to cycle 25km more, as a result of changed traffic conditions. This may delay their arrival.


6-7pm, Cape Town Water Front

0300 Aussi time (Monday am)


‘Beautiful….but by God it’s brutal’-Nick

Thank you for the memories.

The riders have just under 200 kilometres to cycle today, before they land a new world record, an ocean of new admirers, and the arms of their loved ones, sorely missed in the recent dire hours. There will be floods of tears as friends and family see them for the first time since their epic journey began.

For me, it’s been a personal journey as I’ve watched my husband and his family support David Martin, one of the three riders remaining, from the other side of the globe, so, so far away, yet so, palpably close.

It’s united them again in heart, as together they have shared concern, anticipation, excitement and pride.

For the riders, they’ve created an erasable memory, experienced by few on this planet. It is a story of great personal triumph, incredible human resilience, determination and extreme physical battering.

The three men that began this journey, will not be the same three men that end it.

Irreversibly changed, as a result of the extreme nature of their experiences-simultaneously traumatic and exhilarating. Time will only tell how these changes will present themselves, but for now their only thought is the same thought that has plagued them for 38 days-Just keep rolling until this thing is over.

The dynamics of 10 strangers thrown together for a month and made to survive, had the potential to have been a major challenge, but amongst these challenges, some serious bonds will have been born. Brothers, who share a connection that no other will ever understand. Connected for life, through their memory of Cycling from Cairo to Cape Town.

On a personal note, I would like to thank them. I have enjoyed sharing their journey from afar, and will never forget the images posted, that are forever imprinted in my mind.

Thankyou Dave, David, Nick and Mark.

Congratulations, you did it.

There was never an expectation from the world, we were happy to simply watch and enjoy, despite the outcome, but you have taken yourselves to a new level as human beings in my book.

Resilient, physically tough, athletically superior, focused, determined, survivors.

You have been an inspiration to many, your achievement soon to be documented in the record books.

Thanks for the memories.

Finally, I say thank you to all of you, who have followed these lads and shared in their battles and successes, with me, on this site.

May we share many more womderful stories.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the final wrap up, when the boys cross the line, and embrace their fans that are nervously awaiting their arrival.


Beautiful….but by God it!’s brutal”-Nick


‘Final day of #CAROCAP tomorrow and a new world record! Please come and join us in welcoming Mark, Nick and David as well as their unbelievable support crew to Cape Town. We’ll confirm details tomorrow but plan on being at the Cullinan Hotel at around 4pm for the official finish.’

‘Whilst they pedal their penultimate day through the Karoo, I’m half way through planning tomorrow’s final day of CAROCAP’s World Record Cairo to Cape Town cycling madness. Undoubtably the hardest month of work ever, putting SAS sleep deprivation training to shame! It’s been amazing supporting and studying every move of these hard bastards, Nicholas Nicholas Bourne, Mark Mark Thomas Blewett and Dave David Martin (not to mention David Kinjah Kibachia and Didi). Sanity kept level by the bantsmobile support staff of Kippa, Rose Manley, Bennet Wright all working beyond the call of duty and the random shenanigans and awesome beauty that Africa throws at you. What a very special continent. Special shout outs to latest morale boosting additions Patch and Mumsy. Not long now til the miserable pain and suffering ends – not the cyclists, but for the wifey Catherine Giles 🙊😢-Chris Giles

‘The exceptional rides of team #CAROCAP, #SwiftCarbon #UltravoxTi!
7 cyclists were to start #CAROCAP. 5 made it to Cairo. Only 3 remain to cross the finish line @VandAWaterfront tomorrow. Will you join us?’Swift Carbon Bikes

‘Only 263 km left to complete on the team’s epic Cairo to Cape Town world record challenge. They completed 332km today through the Karoo, all of which was into a brutal headwind. They’re all absolutely exhausted but also very excited that it will all be over some time tomorrow afternoon – with a new 38 days world record set!’-Carocap

‘And so another 11 hour, 300 plus ride comes to an end on the penultimate day of Carocap. Once again the gods conspired to make this an epic battle , this time against a raging headwind down the N1. We finally finished up in Laignsberg at 9 pm after starting at 5, but what this means is that Cape Town is within striking distance tomorrow ! So looking forward to seeing Tom Blewett and riding the last bit with him. Anybody is welcome to come out and ride with us into Cape Town , we should be coming through Melkbos at about 3.30.’-Swift Carbon Bikes

‘It’s 4 am and stage 38 of CAROCAP, the last stage. I was hoping to feel elated and energised but just so tired with my body battered to a pulp it’s going to be another hard day, just thankful it’s one of the shortest of race.’-Nick

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"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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