Posted in Cairo to Capetown


DAY 34

Yesterday, was an emotional day for the team as the enormity of the last couple of months hits them like a freight train.

Nick Bourne, expresses his feelings below:


‘This is truly a life changing experience for so many reasons’~Nick Bourne

‘Yesterday and today have nearly finished me off suffering from heat stroke my body temperature hit 41c while the air temp was 45. My body was trying to cope and lowered my temp down to 33c. Now feeling exhausted and still battling headwinds – trying to hang in there one pedal stroke at a time.’

‘For those of you that know me well I am not prone to public displays of emotion, however since embarking on this trip I have truly been taken to the edge on many occasion and it is the words of support and encouragement along with seeing my darling wife and children that had kept me going. For the last week I have been moved to tears by the support that has been forthcoming on more than one occasion, so thank you all.

This is truly a life changing experience for so many reasons.

Thank you also to the amazing support team: Chris Giles, Kippa Thompson, Bennet Wright, Rose Manley, patches and kathy, David and Mark the riders who have kept going in some very dark times and all who are following our endeavours.’-Nick Bourne

David Kinjah the Kenyan cyclist shares his experience after being forced to withdraw as a result of illness.


WORDS FROM David Kinjah

‘An inspiring message from David Kinjah, one of the riders who sadly could no longer continue his journey with the rest of the team all the way to CT. We think your words will inspire many. Wishing you a restful recovery!’-Carocap

‘Champions, Heroes, and Legends, be them or not, our destiny is the same.’ ~David Kinjah

‘Hello to all my supporters and followers!.

This is my shout out to you all amazing people!, you have been exceptionally encouraging all through my adventurous CaroCap race, and I just can’t thank you enough.

For me, it’s been truly an epic trip, almost feels like I have been to the moon and back on a bicycle..!!, my team mates Mark Thomas Blewett, David Martin, and Nicholas Bourne still soldiering on must be headed to Mars or Jupiter by now…!!!. Must have been unreal to many of my friends, crazy even, but I must admit its been so for me too.

I have had a few days rest now, recovering and loading up, getting back to myself…just how much can you appreciate the place you call home…!!!.
Soon my team mates will arrive at destination in Cape Town, God Willing, having overcome a once in a lifetime challenge. Some may say Good heavens the madness is over, some will absorb the energy and positively apply back on to their daily living, while many more will forever inspired to face the challenges of life ambitiously.

One thing I keep learning from this and many more adventures is that, the things we do in our lives affect people…, either positively or negatively, we make or break others!, intentionally or not, the human nature is still very queer…, Love is real, but so are jealousy and hatred too…!.
We have heard of people who have done great feats, conquering and inspiring millions, but only when someone we really know does something great that we really get to feel it. I guess it’s difficult to inspire others, but may be it’s even much harder to encourage people to keep inspiring..!, I mean, it’s one thing inspiring others, but a completely different thing to accept inspirations and re-inspire.., it’s a tough challenge.

Humans have the power to choose, that’s a fact,.. but just how one chooses to be an inspiration to others, I don’t know!, how one keeps being the inspiration, I don’t know…, but one thing I know for sure is that we all do need inspirations and encouragement in our lives!.
Champions, Heroes, and Legends, be them or not, our destiny is the same. If by ridding my bicycle fast and long across Africa is an inspiration to a few, then let it be. And for all the goodwill and prayers sent my way all through the trip, I couldn’t ask for anything more!, I feel honored and truly Blessed. I would do it all over again just for an amazing lot like yourselves.

Keep smiling…***’

COMMUNICATIONS-Where are they now? 

‘Mark and the team are still pushing and riding strong. Although yesterday was Day 34 of the #CAROCAP and the team had planned to already be in Cape Town, Africa had other plans. But they’re still within the record of 42 days and hoping to smash it, arriving in Cape Town on Sunday, Day 38.’- Swift carbon bikes

image image image

‘Nick struggling but fighting the heat and chronic fatigue.’

‘This is the only constant on this journey, always some kind of curve balls around the corner. Yesterday took forever to do the needed kilometres what with a huge dust storm that caught the guys on the road to Vryburg, Nick struggling but fighting the heat and chronic fatigue. In the end they finished at 9pm again. From today they will try to ride at night to avoid the wind and heat and see how close to Cape Town they can get doing it this way. They are so close now that they can break it down into hours. They also worked out that their last Tour de France distance took them 11 days.’ Nearly home now!’ -Carocap

Fearsome crosswinds & sandstorms welcomed the team to South Africa, their final country. Very dramatic though the boys are now used to varying weather conditions and keep focused on the end goal!


‘The team have decided to continue riding this morning and are 140km from Kimberely. Dependent on how they will be feeling they will continue to cycle on; they will have roughly 700km to CT. Stupendous work team!’-Carocap

The CAROCAP team have just crossed the border into South Africa!! It was an emotional moment for the team – they’ve been through so much over the last month, and the support and encouragement from everyone has been amazing. Not there yet…but not long now! 🙂


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin


  1. What you guys are doing is phenomenal. I think you are all awesome. Michael I knew you when you were a little boy…. always a winner at sport. Well done. Your lives will be changed forever. No challenge will be too much. Wishing you everything of the best for the rest of your journey….. and the rest of your lives. Regards Jacqueline Bekker.

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