Posted in Cairo to Capetown



‘Just crossed the border into SA!! Yes!! Was a bit emotional thinking of all the times I almost quit and what we have been through over the last month . This thing has been like the Hunger Games of cycling or a reality tv show .10 individuals never met before thrown together into such a pressurized environment and made to survive. Not done yet but on home turf now and smiling more today than I have in weeks.’-Mark Blewett


The boys are on their final stretch as they cross the border into South Africa!

Another mammoth day of cycling yesterday saw them travel more than 300km’s once again, at an amazing average speed of greater than 36 km/hr

There’s been no news concerning Nick’s heat stroke, but he’s been cycling so that’s a very good sign.

They are now absolutely focused as they can literally smell Cape Town, and the WORLD RECORD for the fastest human crossing of the African continent.

As the finish line draws near, preparations are being made by many to cheer them on as they approach the final kilometres.

Stay tuned for the report on their exciting arrival.

It is guaranteed to be an emotional roller coaster as the riders realise their achievements and see their family and friends for the first time in over a month, much thinner, weathered and truly fatigued, but having lived. I cannot see how these men, will be the same men that left Cairo a month ago, ever again.


‘The team are currently riding through the night to reach Gaborone; they will be in SA tomorrow! The boys are now very focused on beating the World Record and pushing through all the pain barriers to the finish. Every minute counts so David and the team unfortunately will not have any time to stop for brief chats with all their friends and supporters in SA. It will be extremely difficult for them to just keep riding past everyone but they need to hold their rhythm and push on.

So, please ‘Smile & Wave’ as David used to say during his training rides. Oh, and do not forget to ‘cheer’ them on as they ride through because this will really help them keep the tempo! 🙂

We’ll be on ZiFM tonight from 6pm promoting the team’s efforts and the cause!’-Cairo2Cape

‘Finished at 11 pm tonight with another 343 on the clock. Crossing into SA tomorrow! Last border crossing before home!! 4 hours sleep then we start at 5 to reach the SA border by 9. It was a day that had to be done so no more excuses of mouth ulcers and sore backsides, nobody cares about excuses anyway.’-Mark Blewett




"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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