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The sun sets on another day




As the sun sets on another day, we thank heavens for the reprieve in the heat.

We, the families are all still here.
We wait, and we wait and we watch and we wait.

A quick glance at the grandstand reveals mums and dads, nannies and poppies, little brothers and sisters, quietly amusing themselves until yet another starting gun fires and they are required to look up.

They are all tired.

They are all covered in multiple layers of sunscreen, sweat,
makeup, mozzie repellent and eye strain.

But it’s living though, isn’t it? It’s getting out, and chatting and enjoying and living.

The sun, falling quickly behind the hills, is stunning. The birds have appeared and are singing to their hearts content. Children are playing cricket on the grass, with sticks as bats and a tennis ball from the back of someone’s car.

Their laughter is music to me.
….and so we wait;

-for my little boy, who is now making funny noises with his voice as it drops into teenage hood, soon to be manhood.
No longer a baby. No longer a little boy, he is about to line up for the 200m Breast stroke final, at the end of a hot long day.

It could be the final of a grasshopper race for all I care, for really, it’s all about being part of it. Isn’t it? Things will be different tomorrow, and next week and next year, but this is what is happening today,
and I’m soaking it up. X

No matter what happens, Flynny, it’s been a pleasure to spend the day with you.






"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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