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Quite a lot has happened in the last few days of the Carocap’s Journey cycling the African continent.

Sadly, David Kinja, the Kenyan representative has had to withdraw as a result of illness and serious saddle sores.

The team, which began as 7, is now only 3, however David Martin, Mark Blewett and Nick Bourne knuckle down and pile on the km’s to make it to Vic Falls last night. They will enter Botswana, and then cycle the final country of South Africa.

Yesterday, they cycled a massive 402 km’s. The day before, 350 km, and the day before that 375 km’s. They have the war wounds to prove it, with blisters, calluses, saddle sores and flu’s, but they have a determined, unwavering mindset to make it to the finish.

You are almost there guys, stay strong, and remember,

“The pain will soon be forgotten, but the glory will last forever’

Below is a summary of their words posted on various Facebook pages and websites.


‘Sad news today – David Kinjah has had to withdraw due to illness and terrible saddle sores. So from the original 7 that signed on, the team are now down to 3. Yesterday the team rode for 350+ km…it was another long day. Today the guys are heading down towards Victoria Falls’


‘The team have ridden 350+ km for 4 days in a row but somehow the body manages. This is a science experiment of note watching the body change and adapt! So today they will do their longest day so far. It is not just the saddle sores that develop but the hands suffer too. David’s dad, Patch, and Cath (a lovely friend of the family) are in Vic Falls awaiting the team’s arrival. They will provide support and bring in a new sense of energy to the team. We are very proud of each and every one of the riders as well as the crew involved.’

Despite their tired muscles, David and Mark, still managed a smile, a pic and a chat.

image image image image image

‘Zimbabwe here they come!

Later today  guys will be in Zimbabwe, staying the night in Vic Falls. We do not know where to begin when giving thanks. A special thank you to Jim Brown. Jim has been busy sorting out a super welcome for the team when they enter Zimbabwe. He has also organised their stay in a fabulous lodge so they will be able to continue enjoying a good night’s rest with good food and company. Special thanks to David’s dad, Patch, and a family friend, Cath, for going out to assist the boys and the team with their last leg of their challenge. Also, thank you all for your continuous words of encouragement and support for David Martin and the team. Keep up the tremendous work team; the finish line is in sight!

Stats have gone wild in Zambia. Today the team will be doing their fourth day of over 370km – around 400km in fact – to reach the Vic Falls border. It’s phenomenal to witness – and they all look incredibly focused now.

Hospitality and genuine acts of kindness have boosted morale through Zambia, it’s a very special place.

Status report after day 27. Ridden 7370 km ,that’s 70 % of the African continent done. I can smell home now . Zambia has been tough but way more familiar . I have a visual picture now in my mind of what the whole of Africa looks like ( 70% of it so far) Beautiful morning in Zambia today after the longest day to date yesterday at 377 km.


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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