Posted in Cairo to Capetown

DAY 27-375km in One day-Cycling from Cairo to Cape Town-UPDATE-4/11/2015

375km in One day-Cycling from Cairo to Cape Town-UPDATE-Stage 27 4/11/2015

The team are moving closer and closer to their target-CAPE TOWN!!

They are currently in Zambia and are quickly cycling toward the mighty and very spectacular

“Smoke that thunders” AKA-Victoria Falls

Photo credit: HBarrison / / CC BY-SA
Photo credit: HBarrison / / CC BY-SA

Yesterday they found themselves.

Pushing to an almost inconceivable 375 km at an average speed of over 29 km/hour, with 26 heavy, energy draining days of cycling immediately prior, they are drained, yet have set themselves up nicely, claiming valuable time back to put them back on track to achieve the fasted road crossing of the African continent, on a bicycle.

image image image

In the words of Michael Blewett,

“This day will last forever in my memory. We fought our heart out for this and we got to the point we needed to be at. I just don’t know how to describe the emotion that went into this effort but it’s done. No words really …we left at 5.30 am and finished at 8.45 pm in Northern Zambia. Head winds , rain and rough roads all day . Some hectic accidents and some tendinitis to go along with it. Not surprising when you have ridden 2 Tours de France in 25 days”-Mark Blewett



‘The team gave it their all today. They left at 5:30am, and finished at 8:45pm in Northern Zambia. That’s nearly 13 hours actually in the saddle, and 375km of head winds, rain, and rough roads. Words can’t describe that kind of effort and dedication’-Carocap


‘A monumental effort by Mark Blewett and the #CAROCAP team yesterday, almost unimaginable when you consider that they have been pushed to the limit for over 25 days already! Same procedure again today’- Swift Carbon Bikes


Best of luck gentlemen, may you continue to fly like the wind and achieve your dream.


NEXT UPDATE-5/11/2015 On Heart Story


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