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DAY 22-A Concerning time as fatigue sets in-CYCLING FROM CAIRO TO CAPE TOWN-30/10

A Concerning time as fatigue sets in~N.A.Martin

‘David, if you can hear me;

Remember the 2 second rule.

One day the pain will be forgotten, but the glory will last forever.’-Nicole and Michael


Communications post DAY 22 indicate the cyclists are battling fatigue.

‘Day 22, the wheels literally came off.. After 3 days of huge distances we crossed into Tanzania and all of us were broken men. We passed Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru before limping down the Rift Valley road near the Ngorogoro Crater. Built up fatigue is taking hold after averaging 280 km per day for 22 days. Camping tonight near Lake Manyara and hoping an early night brings some fresh perspective and some new legs before 6 am tomorrow!’ -Mark Thomas Blewett

David Kinjah having a much needed nap
David, David and Mark.

Conditions required for optimal recovery after 22 days of continuous cycling are simply not there.

For one, they are open air camping in the bush their camp beds equipped with mozzie nets.

Hot showers, clean toilets and the comfy lounge room couch are hundreds of kilometres away.

Secondly, aiming for a world record is HARD TO ACHIEVE. The cyclists understand the distance/day required to meet their goal and hence have made up lost time by cycling extended hours, well into the night.
Open air camping in the bush. Camp beds equipped with mozzie nets. What about Lion? Elephant?
Cycling with exhausted legs, well into the night.

Averaging 280 km/day for 22 days straight is an incredible achievement without adding the added stresses of setting up camp nightly, and sleeping with furry teeth, a prickly beard and screaming muscles.

Kudos to them.

Let’s hope they rediscover the grit and determination they’ve displayed so far to lead them into tomorrow’s gruelling leg.


NEW TYRES? Yep! Vitoria Pave 27C clinchers

SWIIFT CARBON BIKES ‘There are hugely variable road surfaces in Africa, so the CAROCAP team have switched tyres, and have put Vittoria Pavé 27C clinchers on their SwiftCarbonbikes Ultravox Ti bikes to avoid punctures.’


‘Lean machines! Well done for conquering rough roads. The team are near Lake Manyara National Park for the night.’

Tough riding conditions. There's nothing like a random piece of concrete road in the middle of nowhere
Tough riding conditions. There’s nothing like a random piece of concrete road in the middle of nowhere
More dirt, rocks and dust
More dirt, rocks and dust
Tough riding conditions
Tough riding conditions



"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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