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A man and his bike~By N.A.Martin

Me and my bike. Background- Gods creation-Beautiful Kenya
A man and his bike
Background-Beautiful Kenya

To me, this photo represents a bond.

A bond between a man and his bike.

It is literally attached to his body like an extra limb, night and day, and right now, in the middle of nowhere, it is all he has.

When his usual everyday comforts are replaced with endless dirt roads, heat, insects, rough sleeping conditions, ‘make do’ food, and not a toilet in sight, his bike is the reliable constant, his faithful friend, his ticket out of the torture.

A challenge to this extreme, has got to change a man.

How? I guess it would be different for everyone, but I’m guessing it would teach him a brand new appreciation for his life.

An appreciation for the ease at which he lives in comparison to others.

An appreciation for the endless raw beauty of Africa.

I am guessing it would remind him of who he loves, and who he doesn’t love.

Of what’s really important to him, and what’s not.

I imagine an epic Journey like this, would teach him what he is really capable of.

How he rises or falls under stress.

…and who he really is as a person stripped back.

40 days of soul searching.

40 days, where life for him stands still,

and is all about

Him, Mother Nature, and his bike.



"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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