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DAY 19-Cycling from Cairo to Cape Town-UPDATE-28/10


It’s very easy to sit back and wait for updates on the boys, but I can’t possibly imagine what THEY must be feeling physically and mentally having made it half way through the African continent.

I imagine the elation and relief of making it this far, and the knowledge there is greater distance behind them than ahead of them would act to motivate them to carry on, despite the aches and pains, blisters and mental lows.

My husband Michael is tracking David’s progress (His brother, and the cyclist representing Zimbabwe) by the minute hoping he is safe and healthy. It’s an interesting perspective one has when one is a family member. There is the pride and the excitement, but there is also the great fear, and the hope. The selfish wish for it to be over, so that they may rest, and they may be safe. It is important for us to remember this is THEIR wish. This is THEIR goal, and as family, the best and only thing we should do, is support.

Below is a photo of David, Michael’s brother, and some footage of their latest views and progress.

Good luck boys, you are all so admirably strong, we are with you x

This page will provide daily updates on their progress right to the finish line.

Follow their epic journey as it unfolds, and share their elation and heartfelt welcomes from friends and family, when they arrive in Cape Town. 

There may be a few unexpected surprises for them, which at this stage, will remain tight lipped, but are sure to see the tears flow. 

See you tomorrow, for another installmemt of CAIRO TO CAPE TOWN. 


David Martin


Yesterday the team rode 333 km on a course that went from the game reserve of Marsabit in Kenya, across Samburu and finished on the slopes of mighty Mt Kenya with a 2500 altitude climb!
They are now back on track after riding in excess of 11 hours, starting and finishing in the dark. It was another epic day of roads, experiences and a whole lot of wildlife!

Here’s the team into the last 50km of today’s very long ride, on target for Nanyuki, & headed for the equator – what an amazing view!


WHERE ARE THEY NOW? -Lunch time 29/10 Live 

Check the map…


image image image image image image

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keep going guys! you are doing amazing stuff. I have driven those roads on the back of a camel truck and it was not fun – the fact that you are all doing it on a bike is incredibly impressive!! Keep going. Dig deep.


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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