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‘Soldier on’- sometimes the world’s worst advice.




Some days, it feels like I’m trying to climb to the top of a mountain with a whopping big bag of spuds on my back.

The spuds get heavier and heavier until I’m literally scraping my backside on the ground, going nowhere as a result of the resistance created by my connection with the earth.

On these days, the peak remains hidden behind a series of seemingly infinite climbs.

Do you ever feel like an invisible person somewhere in the sky is throwing rocks at your head for the soul purpose of inducing irritation and testing to see how many knocks you can endure before you lose your impeccable demeanor?

“Soldier on” everyone says

but the spuds are heavier than they realise, and the rocks, coming thick and fast, are invisible to them.

The impact of the climb is sometimes even heavier than I realise

Until I find myself unable to put two words together at the end of the day

Until I fall asleep on the couch with my uniform still attached to my body

Until the thought of one more problem to solve, in a polite, well thought out, politically correct manner, almost sends me into a coma.

The desire to “fix everything” pushes me to continue climbing and face adversity, but what I have realised over time, is that sometimes it is more intelligent, more graceful and more effective, to simply stop climbing.

Surrender the battle until the conditions are more favourable.

Rest on the side of the hill, sit down on the green grass and simply enjoy the half way mark.

“Don’t give up”- many advise

But I say,

“I don’t see it as giving up. I see it as taking a break until the weather has passed. Pausing for a moment in view of relocating ones serenity”

What am I trying to say?

It is not always necessary to climb the mountain.

✏️~N.A.Martin-Heart Story



"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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