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As wild as the wind


As wild as the wind

The air is wild today. Like me sometimes.

It launches itself into the day, disrupting the peace, demanding attention in the most humble of ways, with an annoying but highly endearing undertone.

It has no plan, it has no rules, it has no manners. It simply is-and it IS with a smile on it’s face.

The unpredictability of its nature fuels it’s intrigue. Like adrenaline filled blood, it electrifies the environment within which it plays.

It gives us bad ass hair, uproots signage, breaks the cyclist’s spirit, forces one to drop their hot meat pie, and slams the door-BANG!-Good Lord-hearts stop.

It wrestles with trees like a gappy mouthed boy rugby tackling his brother, leaving them confused and broken as their appendages snap and fly to the ground in uncoordinated fashion.

Birds strengthen their grip on the twig to which they are perched, dropping their heads into their feathers and refraining from song until the competition has passed.

Humans lean forward in awkward positions, holding onto hats, wearing exasperated grins as if unable to choose between excitement and frustration.

Some retreat to the indoors, where they find comfort in chicken soup and fluffy blankets, hiding from it’s wrath.

The ocean prides it’s best angry face, filling itself with rage at the disturbance, banging and crashing it’s outstretched arms in protest. It’s skin loses its colour fading from tranquil blue, to a murky upset stomach brown.

I wonder what will happen next? Will the wind entertain us again tomorrow?

The air was wild today. Like me sometimes.


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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