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Thank you Cheri Rowlands



Honestly, I love the Word press family

It found me, I did not find it

It’s Serendipitous, is it not?

The more I share your company, the more I fall in love with your stories;

~With your creativity

~With your abilities to move me

~With your vast expanse of authenticity

~With your kind natures and encouraging remarks

~With your pride in your work

~With your willingness to give your time for someone you hardly know

We are not normal, us writers

We harbour a 6th sense

The ability to see another’s soul

~via words

with complete clarity and understanding

In many ways, we share the same heart

~and few, share our depth

Some, align our words with illness or unhappiness

but I know, that YOU know, and that gives me validation

So I thank you all,

~for shining your light, into the silver-lined path ahead

~and walking beside me

~with presence.

Yours in Writng


This post was inspired by the correspondence I had with the lovely and very talented Cheri Rowlands.

ON-My Four Walls-by N.A.Martin

  1. Wonderful, evocative post. I’m currently on my own journey trying to (re)shape what home means to me, and I love your descriptions of your own home and what the space between the walls means to you.


    1. N.A.Martin

      Wow. It’s an interesting feeling touching base with you Cheri.

      In my imagination, If I were to sit opposite you, in a quaint little coffee shop somewhere in Paris perhaps, I would attempt to absorb your creative flare and word intelligence through my eyes, and then dream of the day that it dripped out of my own fingers, through my fountain pen and onto the pages below.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      I am in awe of the power of writing.

      One small comment from yourself, a seasoned professional, has the ability to give a complete stranger to you, living half way across the world, a writing lifeline.

      …and THAT is why I write.



      Image by Ragamuffin Brian


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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