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One Small Moment in Time



Oh no, it’s one o’clock
I even penciled in the time-in my head
I’m sure minutes disappear without asking me

I’m here now.
Officially, it’s 1:04
My heart is trampolining into my chest wall, sassing me for tardiness

“My sincere apologies”

She gazed at me warmly, unfussed

“Take a seat”

The black leather yielded under my weight
Ahhh, a new space, finally
The familiar scent of everyday, was gone-for now

Deep breath
A slight adjustment, and I slipped forward into the leather
The nape of my neck, cradled comfortably by its head rest

Omnipresent bottles, blue, white, yellow, silver, sat staring at me from a higher place, in relaxed silence.
Their inscription?

-Relax, it is what it is


She was here
It was my turn now
Eagerly I entered her room

Keys, wallet, phone, goodbye-you have no place in here
Strappy shoes fell loosely to the floor
Thump-did you hear that?-wooden floor boards barked their presence

Tip toes toward her, ohhh it’s cool underneath
My breath was a megaphone, my mind a glass ocean with infinite horizons
This moment, was my moment-please stay for a while

Warmth, tranquility, peace, gratitude, welcomed me to the table
My gaze, originally upward was soon diverted inward, I have no memory of the ceiling
Could I hear music? La di da? Or a breezy tune?
The oblivion that was, quickly dissipated, as my senses were resuscitated.

Hello spine, I forgot you were there
It fell to the underneath side of me, as my muscles let go of yesterday

Her deft fingers defined her; she was my liberator, my Zen, my warrior
Her tactility inspired deeper breath, saggier bones, and heavier eyelids

The stillness in me grew

-and then it happened.


She pulled off the first strip


And again with the second.

Then warmth and relief.

It was one thirty already
But I’m still inside myself;
I am still window shopping inside the soft tunes, and the warm towel, and the soft bed
I’m not ready;
I’m not ready to re-acquaint with the keys and the wallet and the phone;
They belong to ‘everyday’;
-and I am still floating on my glassy ocean with infinite horizons

Gone was the moment-already archived in my library categorised as ‘past’

Oh look! ‘Everyday’ is smiling at me again,

Inspired by Kelly-Thank you


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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