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Day 2 Writing 101- Things I like

6187273416_5882b8db50_oPhotography by Samuel Sharpe

Things I like…

Everyday Gems

Freshly Brewed Coffee

The mere thought is heaven to the senses; it’s all too familiar scent opens the flood gates of my Salivary glands, cascading it’s juices into my begging mouth. My nares flicker in aim of absorbing every last airborne coffee-soaked molecule that floats in steam, wafting from the brim of the pot; The ears instantly form a direct connection with the stomach when the Kettle sings its early morning  sonnet, and the taste buds stand to attention, military style, the second the warm liquid blankets my tongue.

Hot baths

After a day that never ends, my muscles scream at me and force the frown line between my brow to once again crack in resentment. The headache that could kill a baby elephant, the sighs that could inflate a balloon and the feet with nails embedded in their undersides remain tortured as the chores continue to role out before me.

Then, solace, as the warmth of the water envelopes my crying body and moves it closer toward a restfull state. All the perplexities of the day dissolve into the water that surrounds me; The frown line tapers, and the lips slope upward ever so slightly into their corners.

Listening to Music

A wicked beat, an addictive sound or a tear your heart out lyric  catapults me into the stratosphere. From there I grow fairy wings donning a pretty silver lining on their perfect edges and glitter grows on my face and falls like snow down to earth. It transforms me into an Olympic athlete, with muscles of steel and an impenetrable determination.  A romantic poet from the 1700’s is born from within the depths of me, and I am a successful novelist who inspires for a living.


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

12 thoughts on “Day 2 Writing 101- Things I like

    1. Very true ydandgavhal (Sorry, I’m not certain if this is your name!). I have discovered the hard way, that if one is able to see and feel the Joy in ‘The Simple things’~In there, lies the answer to happiness. Cheers Nicole

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