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I met a man last week who was nothing short of divine.

I met him at work, whilst running around engaging in the usual nurse-patient activities.

His mere presence had drawn quite the crowd. He was ‘One of those people’.

Health care workers gathered around and were a bundle of smiles and laughter as they interacted with this gentleman.

I proceeded to poke my sticky beak into the action, keenly interested.

A wardsman, clearly touched,  encouraged me to come and meet this character, with childlike excitement.

The ‘happy vibe’ in the air was palpable.

 ‘A rare opportunity’ -I thought

I had to ask him the question.

He was ever so neatly presented. His hair was trim, with a spectacularly manicured moustache to match.

Long brown trousers and a gold buckled belt hung loosely to cover a pristine pair of beige socks.

His collared shirt, snugly tucked in, appeared comfortable on his torso.

The smile he was wearing was warmer than a thousand suns, and his cheeky laugh, grippingly infectious.

He seemed perplexed with all the attention, but lapped it up with angelic humility. Effortlessly, he had the whole room eating out of his hands.

I was desperate to find the opportunity to talk with him.

As we assisted his transfer from the X-Ray table to his bed, he chuckled with delight, as if flying on his favourite theme park ride, honest exhilaration flooding his face.

His laughter was quickly echoed by all in the room, his demeanour intoxicatingly magnetic.

Suddenly, stillness replaced the recent vigour.

An opportunity?

With conviction, I jumped in and whispered,

“Would you mind letting me in on your secret?”

He smiled at me and reached for my hand, his eyes attentive and keen to listen.

“What is the secret to living to the ripe old age of 99?”

His facial expression was kind and gentle. His words, carried with them, decades of wisdom.

“The secret, my dear girl, is to always remain calm inside, and love everybody”

My response?

“Oh. Well that counts me out, I’ll probably be dead by Friday”

He laughed and laughed and laughed, and then suddenly turned serious for a short moment.

“I really mean it…No matter WHAT happens- always stay calm inside and love everybody and everything”

I felt my heart yearning for more of this golden soul, but like a ghostly spirit tickling my skin as I sleep, his presence was fleeting.

and so I say Thank You, to the man with no name-a diamond in my day.

💚Heart Story-N.A.Martin


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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