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Finding the time to write


Morning, morning, morning 🙂

I am currently hoeing into a steak sandwich, with BBQ sauce and fresh white bread.

The kettle is on the boil, and I am very much looking forward to my first sit down for the day.

Actually, my first sit down for a while.

Where have I been?


No. I am not dead yet, but buried in the lovely entity we call work.

Work, life, balance?


Work, life, kids, husbands, dogs, swimming carnivals, shopping, work, life, kids…..etc-and so the cycle continues, hearing me?

A few curious souls have asked me how I find the time to write.

The short answer to that is-I DON’T!

Time IS limited, for all of us. Everybody is busy, all of the time. I find, even if I’m not that busy, my perception, is that I am!

I know myself. If I really don’t want to do something, it’s amazing how busy I can instantly become….a great excuse…but if I desire something intensely enough, I’ll do anything to find the time.

So in order to sit down and write this, I have hairy eyebrows, an overdue hair appointment and a heck of a lot of housework yelling at me :)) ahh the joys.

I am currently working on a post I’ll be sharing soon, entitled;


Warmly, xN


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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