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Chimes at 0515 Hours


‘This is what it takes to win the fitness battle. I fight to give up, but my desire for achievement is stronger. It’s purely a mental game when I am physically behind the 8 ball…’


AUTHOR- N.A.Martin


I set the alarm for 0515.

I dared not think about it.

That’s the only way I can get through.

If I thought about how dark and cold it was going to be at that ungodly hour, I probably wouldn’t go.

If I thought about the alarm pulling me away from a lovely deep dreamy sleep, expecting me to desert the warmth and comfort of my favourite place (my bed), in favour of taking my clothes off and standing in my Toggs in the middle of winter, only to jump into an outdoor swimming pool and do sprint sets until I almost threw up, I probably wouldn’t go.

So I switch my brain off and set the alarm.

When it beeps at 5 bells in the morning, I get up, and I walk out the door. I start the car engine, wind down the windows and wipe my mirrors with my hand. It’s cold.

I head down my street concentrating extra hard-the visibility is poor, my eyes are still glued semi-closed.

There are ‘little long legs’s everywhere, with chicks.

Little long legs? Bush Curlew’s.

They sit in the middle of the road and lift their wings and scowl amd hiss and carry on doing their best King of the Jungle impersonation.

They see me as a threat.

Huh! If only they knew what I was about to put myself through!

My mind continues to question me.

“Why? Why are you doing this? It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s early. It’s just so WRONG!”

The psychological warfare is ON.

I grump around and drag my feet as I prepare to jump into the water. The fresh air chills me to the bone. You stupid individual, I tell myself. Who in their right mind would abandon a warm bed for this?

Swim, swim, swim, swim. Day breaks. The sun is up-you’re a bit slow sun-my mind scolds.  

The sky is a million shades of pink, one or two stars remain, and the moon lies plum in the sky, in a perfect crescent. Heaven cradles the earth, and everything is ok again- Daylight  lifts me out of the black hole.

This is what it takes to win the fitness battle.  I fight to give up, but my desire for achievement is stronger. It’s purely a mental game when I am physically behind the 8 ball

-and so I try to override my mind, and go through the motions in a completely unglamorous manner. There is nothing heroic about it. There’s whinging, there’s moodiness, there’s uncertainty

-but I set my alarm for 0515, and I get up.

My painful journey back to fitness has begun.




"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

14 thoughts on “Chimes at 0515 Hours

  1. Go for it!! Starting is always the hardest. It takes 21 days to form a habit, and after that you will crave some form of exercise! (Though hopefully not always at that ungodly hour, but watching sunrise is also a treat that many miss out on). Even if it was moody, I found your post very entertaining, a good read!

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    1. Dear Arienlair, I think the 0530 am mornings are here to stay. The reality of a swimmer unfortunately. It’s actually ok. I shouldn’t complain because I live in Tropical North Queensland in Australia and when I say ‘cold’…’s probably about 18 degrees Celsius, or 64 deg F. I appreciate your time and your comment. Warmly, Nicole

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    1. Too early for me too smilerrn! Enjoy your walking, I would love to read some of your writing. I’ll check it out 🙂 Happy walking, warmly, Nicole


    1. Hi Olive. I know! It sure is. Actually, I read my post back this morning, and it really does sound dark!! That’s what happens when you have no time to post, so you squeeze something in at 10:00 pm, when your eyes are heavy and the batteries are running down!! Thanks for your thoughts. Warmly, Nicole


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