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The wise words of Eckart Tolle

‘Unconscious people-and many remain unconscious, trapped in their egos throughout their lives-will quickly tell you who they are: their name, their occupation, their personal history, the shape or state of their body, and whatever else they identify with.

Others may appear to be more evolved because they think of themselves as an immortal soul or divine spirit. But do they really know themselves, or have they just add some spiritual-sounding concepts to the content of their mind?

Knowing yourself goes far deeper than the adoption of a set of ideas and beliefs. Spiritual ideas and beliefs may at best be helpful pointers, but in themselves they rarely have the power to dislodge the more firmly established core concepts of who you think you are, which are part of the conditioning of the human mind.

Knowing yourself deeply has nothing to do with whatever ideas are floating around in your mind.

Knowing yourself is to be rooted in Being, instead of lost in your mind.’

Eckhart Tolle-


"I have been writing and creating images all my life-though it's only now, that I have finally let in the light" ~N.Martin

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