Facebook or not?

FACEBOOK OR NOT? It’s a question that’s crossed my mind on several occasions over the years, and even more so recently. Many of my friends have let go of the Facebook fad, in favour of either a social media free lifestyle, or the more refined versions such as Instagram, which tend to contain less ‘shared’… More Facebook or not?


As the mountain darkens with the dimming light of day the skeletons of the past emerge from behind the trees that cover it’s surface as black as night it hides yet it’s eyes are wide open.  The fluffy crimson sky that floats freely above it’s apex however, provides comfort inside fiercely beating hearts by lifting… More Opposites

The Aussi Wallaby

Paradise Palms Golf Course, Cairns   This little guy has no idea why I am photographing him. “What are you doing lady?” Don’t worry little guy, I’m simply admiring you.

Bedtime Stories

BEDTIME STORIES Honestly, I know I’m tired when I jump into bed at night, teeth brushed, earrings out, pyjamas on, mouth guard in, perfume applied…pardon? Perfume applied? Did I imagine I was on my way to work? Did I imagine I was going out on the town? Did I think anything at all? -I think… More Bedtime Stories

My Words are Lost

        Inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt Survival- My words are caught in a net, this month. The net of life-and it’s stifling my ability to create. I love to write, the urge to splash stories and thoughts onto the blank screen remains annoyingly-this is how I would describe it-in tact. Why… More My Words are Lost

When The Tide Is Out

    Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge- Earth   We view the sea everyday, and don’t think twice-but when the tide is out, there uncovers a vast ecosystem, invisible, when hidden by water. Photo by Nicole Martin

Supermarket Horror

by Nicole Martin   It has always fascinated me that for some bizarre reason, supermarket trips have had a bad habit of attracting drama. Recently, when I innocently ducked into Woolies for a quick shop, I was lucky to escape alive. I would dearly love to mind my own business and purchase my bunch of… More Supermarket Horror

Spectacular Sunday

If I were on a one way ticket to Mars, what would I miss the most about our blue planet? I believe the answer for me, would be- Everything. ‘Everything’ is self explanatory, so for the purposes of refining this list, I will select one very important environmental location that I would struggle to live… More Spectacular Sunday

Blogger SLAMMED for nasty comment in spectacular fashion.

by Nicole Martin Have you ever had a less than favourable comment in response to your writing? Personally, my writing hangs from a set of strings that attach directly to my heart, whether I like it or not. Yes, I know it shouldn’t matter what others say, yes I know I should write for myself… More Blogger SLAMMED for nasty comment in spectacular fashion.

Me Today

Sometimes  the only thing I want is to bury myself within the quiet and hide there until the noise has passed

Dealing With Change

‘Change is the constant, yet life confronts me and I am dragged forward, many times over’   Dealing With Change   Author Nicole Martin There have been times in my life when ‘change’ has been warmly welcomed-a breath of fresh air, one could say. Occasionally a bright new opportunity has presented itself resulting in a… More Dealing With Change

My Four Walls

Where do I feel the most comfortable? What do I love? My four Walls and Writing about them… ‘The worn shutters hang faded and broken, but all I see are a decade of sweet seasons, bursting into life as they penetrate my windows, and shed their light.’   Published in THE ELEPHANT JOURNAL Author Nicole… More My Four Walls

Are you micro-managing yourself well? Or are you micro-managing yourself sick?

     ‘As of December 2016, Suicide is the leading cause of death in Australia between the ages of 15 and 45’ I attended a seminar last week which reinforced the importance of actively managing our health and well being-with a special focus on our mental health. The speaker, Mr Paul Spinks– a Queensland Ambulance… More Are you micro-managing yourself well? Or are you micro-managing yourself sick?

RED-An exerpt

To anyone who has been the subject of bullying, has felt like they’re different, or has felt completely alone, I wrote this for you…EVERYBODY has value with love N An exerpt taken from the story RED 🍁 AUTHOR Nicole Martin 🍓 ‘…He felt the warmth of her on his shoulder. Her hand was resting there. “Would… More RED-An exerpt